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The law for completion takes care the sum of all changes to lead to immutability. We believe that as time goes by a lot of things change and this believe doesn’t allow us to see that time produces, just, repetitions of the same model. Through time, shapes change, but the content stays the same.

I believe that a person is a lot more than we suppose. I believe that our body is an outer expression of our inner state and that is why I dedicated my life to researching the visible- the body and thus having the opportunity to touch the invisible – the processes, which take place in the body and the conditions and emotions which overtake us.

I believe that diseases are, actually, not a matter of bad fate, but only a signal – a scream for help, which has the goal to attract more attention toward what is happening inside of us, as a response to our actions, thoughts and lifestyle.

I believe that every part of the body, is there on purpose and that everything from the head to the foot, through our organs has a hidden token and by understanding it, by researching and observing our own body and its reactions, we could manage our life and e the creators of the conditions we wish for.

I love the book “The Healing Power of Illness”. Disease is really a path – towards the self. Disease is the refusal of the body to run away from our own self, our fears and doubts.

My past is a past full of mistakes and a lot of desperate tries to run away from who I used to e. A lot of feelings of guilt and trials to punish myself for the guilt, by torturing my body.

I decided to share with you some thoughts on the topic of disease and injuries. Conclusions, which help me to balance the scale in my own life, in times, when I allow myself to give more importance to one thing and bias the scale towards one extreme.

You know that in life everything is about balance. We ignore clichés and that is why we ignore life. Cliches, actually carry wisdom, which on a daily basis proves its validity and likelihood. Wisdom, which is resistant to time and changes. That’s why I will say it again – life is a balance and everybody who doesn’t makes the effort, to create this balance on his own, provokes life and the Universe to barge in and create it.

Everything should have balance. Still, we constantly go into extremes. We are either living on the edge of one extreme or the other. We claim one of them to be “good” and the other one ”bad”. But at the end, both extremes, like the ends of a fan, touch each other, fuse together and become one.

In this post, I will take your attention to the periods of starvation and overeating; the periods of a lot of working out, followed by injuries and long rests. I will try to help you understand why everything happens to you and how the problem is not that you don’t have good genetics or enough will. The problem is that you are trying to move against nature’s laws, and there isn’t anybody who has dared to walk against them, who haven’t been “punished” for his self- will.

Overeating and starvation. A lack of will or a lack of balance?

Balance. Every one-sidedness, should be compensated by its polarity in order to lead to balance – a condition inherent to everything which surrounds us.

If you understand this, you will never wonder where the urge to overeat comes from or why after you’ve overeaten, you always have periods that you go on a strict, depriving diet.

When we starve, for some reason, we incline the scale in one direction – towards that of deprivation and scarcity. In life, nothing can be left in one extreme. Everything exists in cycles and exactly cycles, in a slight and non-obtrusive way, manage to create balance, taking from one thing and giving it to the other.

When we deprive our body, sooner or later, there comes a moment, when the balance should be restored and that is why the irresistible desire for food strikes you. You feel as if you can’t control yourself and you wonder what is going on. Actually nothing – it is just that your nature and your instinct is doing what you consciously fail to do – it creates balance.

When on the other side, we indulge in food, there always comes a time when we feel sick and we decide to stop eating for some time; we decide to follow a strict diet with low calories. In the case we have once again disturbed the balance, but from the other end of the extremes and it should be restored.

Thus, we get in an enchanted circle where we spin in periods of one extreme, throwing us in periods to the other extreme.

That’s why eating should be balanced. That’s why we should eat enough and when for a day, we allow to go towards one extreme, we should consciously give our body what we have taken or take it what we have over given.

By observing these conditions and realizing why they occur, then we won’t need to be experts in healthy eating and we won’t need to have master degrees and certificates. Everything is much simpler and obvious. By digging way too much into the details, we miss the basics.

Too much working out, followed by injuries.

Balance. Every one –sidedness, should be compensated by its polarity.

Back in the days, I used to train A LOT – all day long. For me, the day wasn’t good, if I haven’t worked out. Workouts wasn’t a pleasure, but something like a desperate try to punish myself, for the fact that I didn’t look in a certain way; that I wasn’t as athletic as I wished or that I ate more and so forth.

I used to train a lot and I used to injure myself a lot. Everybody felt sorry for me. I was working so hard, yet I never had luck. Actually, from my present point of view, I know the reasons behind everything that happened to me in the past. Luck is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. Luck is just a consequence of the sum of our choices.

By working out so much, I was obviously trying to run away from something and fill my voids with activity. In the same time, I inclined the scale in one direction – too much activity and absolutely no rest.

When you do not plan your rest, the rest comes unplanned – masked as a disease, injury or something else, which forces you to stay in one place and rest.

If you injure yourself often, one of the reasons is that you are probably exhausted and your body is sending you a signal that you should change something.

Diseases and injuries are something like road signs on the way to our goals. I see things this way – when there is something ( health related), it always stops me from doing some kind of activity. I think how my present state is interfering with something I want to do. Then I realize, that I have gone to an extreme in this direction and that even if I adore working out, the injury is showing me that I have overdone it and that I should change my approach.

If you are in such a situation, think how your disease or your injury is showing you that you have gone off the road and you have gone to an extreme.

Not enough physical activity and diseases

Balance. Every one-sidedness, should be compensated by its polarity. Before some of you says : “There we go! If I train I will exhaust my body, that’s why it is better to rest!”, I will drag your attention to the situation with not enough physical activity and diseases.

What could you observe when somebody is too sedentary and eats crappy food? He lives like that for certain amount of time and then disease strike him – diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, osteoporosis and so forth.

Most diseases, require from the ill person, to move more and change his diet habits – to eat healthier.

Thus, the disease, forces the ill person to choose – either to suffer from his condition or to get himself together and start moving more and eating better.

Here, once again, one extreme, leads to the situation where life causes a condition, which forcefully makes us incline the scale in the other direction.

For most people, these processes happen unconsciously. That’s why, every time when they have an improvement, they can easily get back to their old habits and the extremes.

Thus, they spin in an enchanted circle and they produce the same model over and over again.

When you are brave enough to acknowledge in front of yourself that you are the one causing these conditions, then you have another perspective on life. Then you know, that life is not your enemy and that every coercion is actually help – the help to realize what you have done and then correct it!

If you wonder why you are overeating, ask yourself how often after you overeat, you go on “cleansing diets” and starvation.

If you wonder why you injure yourself, ask if you haven’t overdone with physical activity, work and so forth.

If diseases attack you, ask yourself if you haven’t abandoned yourself and if disease I not just a kick in the ass from life, intended to force you to change.

Every condition which makes you feel negative emotions is caused by the fact that you have gone to an extreme.

Correct it and the negativity will become unnecessary in your life.

Disease is just a signal. Change your actions and you will make the disease unnecessary! 

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