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…when you don’t eat them 😉

One of the most dangerous myths in the world of healthy nutrition, which has been gathering more and more power, for the past 50 years, is this: FATS ARE DANGEROUS. The notion that everything, which does not contain fats is healthy is actually what is ruining our health.

This myth, led to the situation, where every real, healthy food, was taken out of the list of healthy; then it was forced to undertake a dissection, and in the process all the valuable micro and macronutrients were derived.

You know that my philosophy about healthy food, revolves around real food- the one which is closest to its natural state; the food, which you will easily find in nature and the food, that doesn’t need to undergo a bunch of technological processes so it can be considered good for consumption.

Just give it a thought! Which are these foods when we exclude veggies, fruits and seeds?

These are meat, eggs, homemade dairy products, fish.

Each one of these foods, is probably part of your daily menu, but not in its natural state.

You are probably eating dairy products- bought from the supermarket. Dairy products which claim to be low fat or enriched with calcium.

You are probably eating meat- mainly chicken, and if you accidently buy pork, you always choose the leanest cuts.

You eat eggs, but you don’t eat more than one or two yolks. The rest always find their way to the trash can, because you are so stuck in the notion that yolks are bad for your health.

Here is the time and place to tell you that nature has created everything, which we can use as food for fuel, in the macro and micronutrient ratios, which assure our best and optimal functioning and survival.

Imagine it like this. You create a machine, which needs a particular type of fuel in a particular quantity and ratio of ingredients. In order for the machine to work and in order to get advantage of its full potential, you create another product- the fuel itself. You pack it in a bottle or in another container and no matter the package, the fuel inside always preserves its ratios and the ingredients needed for the machine to work.

Let’s accept that some “shifter” decided to suggest you to attenuate the fuel, so you can give less money and have more liquid.

You agree and what happens next? When you pour the fuel in the machine, it doesn’t work optimally. It might even get broken down. Was the “shift” worth it? Absolutely not!

Now, refer this example to your own body! Accept the fact that nature packed our fuel in different foods. Each food from a piece of fruit, to a piece of meat, contains macro and micronutrients in a particular ratio.

The machine, our body, knows how to use this fuel, it distinguishes it. When you get your fuel from these foods, your body gets the ratios of micro and macronutrients, which lead to a cascade of other processes. Actually, our food is something like information for our bodies. It is an information, which plays the role of a code. A code, which unlocks the functions and the processes in the body. If the code is right, the processes will happen properly. Get the wrong code and the alarm will immediately go off, your body will shift to a defensive mechanism and it won’t allow you to use it to its full potential.

As long as you are slaves of the myths that fats are dangerous and harmful, you will be trapped in the vicious circle of endless searching of the appropriate diet and will always be unsatisfied with the way you look.

I’ll save you the scientific information on why fats aren’t harmful but actually are a thing that your body desperately needs, and will just put a stress on several logical statements that you seldom think over.

Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for the body!

Is it really like that? If it were so, then why could your body store up to 300-400 grams carbohydrates as glycogen in muscle and liver, and in contrast, has virtually unlimited capacity to store fat?

You know that all the organism aims is to guarantee its survival. If for this goal it stores excess calories as fat in order to build up reserves for the future – what does this mean? It means that may be for the survival it needs the fats you run so hard from.

You say that saturated fats, i.e. those of animal origin are dangerous for your health. Seriously? Then do you really know what your own fat consists of?

For comparison, I would say that overall animal fat contains of about 38% saturated fat, 11% polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat 45 and the remaining 6% are other.

Human fats consist of 35% saturated fat, 51 % monounsaturated fat and the others are polyunsaturated fat and others.

Therefore, human and animal fats are very much alike, aren’t they?

Let’s go back to the fact that when the organism needs fuel but you do not provided it with some, it resorts to the use of its supplies, namely fats.

If fats were as dangerous as we think they were, doesn’t it seem absurd and somewhat paradoxically? The main goal of the organism is survival. And in its attempt to survive it turns for salvation to something almost “poisonous”?

It sounds really ridiculous.

Let’s turn to fibers which you so truly believe you should take to be healthy. Fibers are contained in fruit, vegetables and grainy foods. Did you know that when fibers reach your stomach, the bacteria which deals with them produces the so called butyric acid (butyrate). And actually it is fat that is mainly contained in butter.

Do you see the connection? When eating butter you gain butyrate (saturated fat) and when you eat fibers your organism finds a way to deal with them in a way that leads to the production of butyric acid.

But after that you claim that fibers are good for you but not butter? Where is the logic?

And last but not least – one more argument in favor of fats. You have heard before that nature knows its ways. It knows what living creatures need to survive and in one way or another has provided them with sources than ensure this necessity.

Did you know that breast milk contains 41% saturated fat? Don’t you think it is a little bit strange that if fats are so dangerous, “nature” has made ​​so that babies are reared mainly with this type of fat?

These are all questions that in one way or another should make you question yourselves what is the basis of thesis which claim that the fats are armful! 

Furthermore, did you know that for the synthesis of all hormones in the organism you need fats?

Judging from the health state of most people, I would say that we are living in the age of the hormone problems. And the more we follow the “healthy” trend the sicker we become. Doesn’t that make you question the claim that fats are harmful?

I am sure that each one of you has heard of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. I would not go further into the point of what is the function of each of the vitamins mentioned – there is enough information on the internet. I will just say that they are extremely important for the appropriate functioning of the body, and as their name shows, they are absorbed in the organism in the presence of fats.

Now is the moment to remind you that the body is not feeding on the food you swallow, but on the one you absorb.  So no matter if you eat food rich in vitamins, if this food does not contain the necessary components for vitamin absorption, it does not really matter what you have eaten.

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