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Прекрасната Негхар Фоонони
The beautiful Neghar Foononi

How is your week? Mine is kind of busy and challenging, but still great, because I get to test my patience and acceptance, which is always a great thing to do.

Thank you for all your wonderful messages. I really appreciate the time you take to share stuff with me. These are the questions I picked this week. Enjoy my answers and share your opinion in the comments below.

Hello, Ines. I am trying to follow Intermittent Fasting, but I find it really hard to skip the breakfast. Could you give me an advice, how I could suppress my hunger?

I like IF, but not the way most people follow it. I think that most people’s methods are extremely hard on the mind. Their eating is full of rules, schedules, “you can eat this” and “you can’t eat that”.

Personally, for the last couple months I started eating a little bit later, than I used to. You know how some time ago I shared with you that I eat 4 times a day. Well, my days now start a lot earlier and finish a lot later. I find it hard to wake up at 05:30a.m. and eat immediately, and then I usually have a couple consequent  workouts with my clients. And I rarely have time between the workouts. So, I decided that I will try to postpone my breakfast and that I will start eating just 3 times a day in bigger quantities. And tell you the truth, it turned out pretty good and it perfectly fits my busy schedule and my lifestyle.

So now, my first meal is somewhere between 10:00a.m.- 12:30p.m. It depends on how many workouts I have with my clients. And my last meal is around 22:00p.m.-22:30p.m.

But still, I do not follow IF, because I do not follow some kind of protocol, I don’t have feeding and fasting windows, when I “can” or “I can’t eat”.

Last week, I woke up and I felt hungry. Well, I ate. Nowadays I am completely out of schemes and putting labels on my nutrition. Now I just eat when I am hungry- no matter what time is it. Sometimes this might mean immediately when I wake up and sometimes it might mean a couple hours later.

But still if you want to give it a try and postpone your first meal, but initially you feel like you really want your breakfast, I have a solution. Probably the first option is to drink amino acids, but I am not a fan of supplements and I try to search for natural resources and apply them as my solution. So, I have a better suggestion. Bone broth!

Yes it sounds kind of weird, but this is one of the healthiest things, you could start your day with- by drinking a cup of bone broth, that you yourself prepared. This will for sure suppress your appetite and it will help you change your meal schedule and let you get accustomed to eating later, and not immediately after you wake up.

Next week, I intend on writing a post about my favorite bone broth and why everyone of us should prepare it and then drink/ eat it.

Besides that if you eat less times a day, you should still eat enough. A lot of people can’t handle IF, because the decreased number of meals, is not accompanied by an increase in the quantity of the food. That basically makes their total calorie intake pretty scarce. After all your body needs energy, in order to thrive from your dinner till your next meal on the next day. That’s why tonight, when you have dinner, remember about me and add some more pork steak or some more eggs to your meal.

I like fruits. But I am trying to eat a High Fat Low Carb Diet(HFLCD). If I eat just one piece of fruit, when should I eat it? Earlier or later in the day? And should I eat it alone or with my other meals?

That’s a great question. A piece of fruit a day is suitable with a HFLCD. Contrary to popular belief, if you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that I deny eating carbs for breakfast and instead I’d encourage you to eat them later during the day. So, my answer would be that you better eat the piece of fruit in the late afternoon or in the evening. Besides that, I’d encourage you to eat it by itself and not as a part of your other meals. Here you can read my opinion about carbs in the morning, and why I wouldn’t encourage you to eat them. And here you can read some more about carbs and what happens when you eat them, and why my advice is to eat fruit as a separate meal.

Ines, does it matter which exercises are programmed first in my workout, i.e. how my workout is gonna be structured?

Structuring your workout should definitely have some thought behind it. Sometimes people choose a variety of exercises and just chaotically perform them. This is not the best approach.  You should start with the most complicated movements ( for you). I.e. those that are demanding on your body and those that require you to be fresh, so you can perform them properly and with high intensity. It is good to start with compound, multijoint, bilateral movements- squats, deadlifts, pull ups, military press and so forth. Then the other exercises should be arranged, following the same principle- first, those that are most challenging and then the rest.

Sure this doesn’t mean that you should always start with squatting. You should decide, which exercises are gonna have a priority in that particular workout, and then move on from there.

In order to know how to structure your workout,you should first have  a clear idea of your goal. Then you pick the method and you choose the way to arrange the exercises.

For example, I’ve noticed  that most men, who start their workout with a heavy deadlift, find it hard to perform well at pull-ups later in the workout, because their grip is already tired.

Sure, everything depends on the trainee himself and his strengths and weaknesses. Just decide which movements have a priority in your workout and place them first. Thus, you will feel fresh and rested for them, so you can give your best!


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And some pictures from the last two days 🙂

Ines Subashka-Инес СубашкаInes Subashka- Инес Субашка

And some pictures of my food, a.k.a my favorite food porn 😀 🙂


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