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The other day, I was at a StartUp Conference, where I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. No matter where you go, you can rarely hide from your profession, as it once again happened with e- everybody, always talks to you about workouts and nutrition. In one of the conversation, I and a wonderful woman, started discussing the topic about vegans and meat eaters.  I was the representative of meat eaters and she was a representative of vegans. Today’s post is provoked by this conversation. For a long time, I wanted to share my opinion on the topic and I think that this conversation, helped me realize exactly what I want to share.

I know that the topic about meat is like religion- you better not talk about it, if you do not want to drag negativity. I will state that I am tolerant and I do not judge people, who have decided to exclude meat. Still, this doesn’t bother me to share my own opinion and state my own arguments. People, who are open minded to different points of view, will carefully read what I wrote- they might not change their opinion or they might actually change it. Others, will immediately feel offended and they will attack me. This doesn’t matter. So…

If you really want to be healthy, you should eat meat. Here, I am not talking about refusing to sit for dinner, without a stack of steaks. You might eat eggs, seafood and meat. You should add different veggies and spices. Health is sustained on a couple staples. Health is not a result of eating meat or not eating meat.

The most used argument from vegans, is that they get enough protein from plant sources. Here, I can say a lot of things, but I will try to keep it short. The human body, health and what we are is a result of biochemical processes, which take place in a response to the material ( in our case food) we provide.

We are used to giving definitions, through which we are trying to simplify the world and make it more approachable, more secure and more understandable. Often times, it is exactly this wrongly formulated definitions, which mislead us.

That is exactly what happens with the word PROTEIN. Realize that animal protein and plant protein are two different things. Plant and animal proteins have different chemical structure.  For us, both are protein, but for our body, which doesn’t work with simplified definitions, but instead it divides every bite to its smallest particle, both are not substitutable.

The body cannot make from plant protein what it can make out of animal protein. First answer the question why do we eat? Food is a form of energy. Food is what gives our body, what it needs in order to function; in order to sustain all the systems in our body, in order to renew itself. The body, uses the food we eat, taking it down to its smallest particles in order to fuel each part of our body and guarantee its existence.

Even without digging deep into science, the most logical is that keeping in mind that the human body has more similarities with animals, than it has with beans in the field, animal protein will give it more of the nutrients it needs, than the plant protein would.

You probably know that one of the proteins, which are most abundant in the human body is collagen. It is the structural protein, which is the main component of connective tissue.

When we eat animal products- like meat, bone broths and so forth, we give our bodies the building blogs that unite it. We give it the bricks, which renew the old once.

By excluding animal protein and relying just on plant protein, we deprive our body of this bricks. You will say: “I do not eat meat and I feel good.” You feel good today. You will feel good in 5 years, but what is gonna happen in 15 years? The body is resistant and it will endure our destructive actions, for a pretty long time. Problems, diseases happen with accumulation. Problems and the consequences of not eating meat, won’t happen in a month. They will happen in years, but then, how long do you think you will need in order to reverse the process?

If you agree that animal and plant protein are not the same thing and that they are not substitutable, you will probably defend your decision to be a vegan, with the fact that you are against animal violence . Really? Tell you the truth, I and everyone who eats meat is against killing animals, just for the sake of it.

But let me tell you something. In nature, everything comes up to balance and survival. If a predator meets you in the woods, it won’t think that you are a person with a soul and if it is hungry… it will eat you. Not because it is antihuman, but just because this is its inborn instinct.

Let me tell you that the argument, that we are saving the Earth, if we don’t eat meat is the biggest delusion that exists. Why? I will save my explanations. Instead, just watch the video below. It is short, but it sums up everything that I’d write.

If the only argument you have about not eating meat is that you are against consumerism; against how the industry has taken over everything and how animals are being killed, not just to satisfy our vital needs, but also our caprices, the approach should be different.

Why instead of denying meat, you don’t try something else? Why not lay down the foundations of spreading the mission to return to our contact with nature; why don’t you spread the idea to become producers of our own food? Why not use your example to spread the idea that we should live close to nature, where we should grow our own food, so we can value it more and have some respect for it?

I do not like a lot of things in our contemporary world and I am against super- consumerism. The fact that I eat meat, though, doesn’t mean I am about violence.

The fact that you want to change the direction we are headed; the fact that you feel the inner duty to spread the mission for more consciousness of our actions and choices, doesn’t mean that you should deny our inborn instincts and deny the way we are created to function.

The human is neither herbivore, nor predator. We are omnivores and as such, we need both- plants and animals. Everything in life is about energy and its transformation. The human body, transforms the energy. In order to receive the energy it needs, we should give it the material it can transform, in order to produce exactly this energy!


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