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We take our body and our mind for two separate things. We divide them and we think they are independent from one another. Some of us take the path of developing their mind, while totally neglecting the body. Others do the opposite – they sculpture their body like a statue, yet they leave their mind aside. Few people consider the fact that the body and the mind are connected. What we do to one of them, affects the other. Just the synchrony between them, leads to the results we search for.

Nowadays, people don’t have the problem that they don’t know how to eat or train properly. Ask whoever you meet on the street! I am sure that he will tell you that in order to be fitter, healthier and stronger, you need to stop eating processed foods, modern foods, fast foods and so forth and that you need to emphasize on eating more eggs, fish, meat, fruits and veggies. He will tell you that you should move more, walk more and stay away from spending the evening on the couch. Is this person sticking to his own advices… I doubt it!

The problem we have is not in the lack of information, but in our inability to control our own self. An inability that comes out of the fact that we are not good at listening to our own body, following its signals and giving it what it needs.

Our body is something like a biography. The biography of the choices we have made. The body is just the material personification of everything that is happening in our mind.

For some of you, it might sound esoteric, but I firmly believe in the connection between the mind and the body. The connection between the mind, disease and health. ( read more HERE)

Some of the most common diseases are eating disorders. This is something like the contemporary flu. The diseases of silence. The one suffering from them is silently, through his actions, trying to “scream”, to show what is killing him inside.

The body never lies. Even when we are silent, the body is speaking. Just those who are careful enough, who manage to observe and are wise enough, can “read” the person, standing in front of them, just by the way he looks. By observing the package, we can often understand what is hidden under the surface. As long as we know how to decipher the signs.

Today I want to make you think deeper about something that few people acknowledge. Today I will share with you my observations and my thoughts about being overweight or underweight. I will try to help you look on your appearance and your eating habits through a different perspective.

As I mentioned earlier, the body and the mind are connected. What is hidden in the mind, stands out on the body.

Being overweight or underweight is an indication about what is going on in the mind and if we understand better, the reason for being overweight, on the side of the mind, then we would arm with another weapon to finally win the battle with our weight.

Most of us know how to eat healthy, but we have problems with the discipline over the self. Many people complain that they are losing control, that they don’t want to eat so much, yet it doesn’t work that way.

What is the connection between being overweight and your mind?

What is the most obvious thing about somebody who is overweight?

The fatter is a person, the more space he takes. Bigger forms, require bigger space.

What is hidden in the mind of such a person? If you observe people, you’ve probably noticed, that overweight people, always feel a if they lack enough attention. In one way or another, they don’t feel significant enough. Something in them is constantly reproaching them that they are not enough. There is a conflict between what they think they deserve and what they receive in reality. They are convinced that they are capable of much more and that they deserve more attention and respect, but in the same time, the situation they are stuck in, emphasizes on the fact that they are not important.

Immediately, in the mind appears the conviction that the person is not significant and important. That the person doesn’t receive enough attention, but in the same time he is dying to get it. The person wants to be important and take more important place in life.

Do not forget that the body, always reflects the mindset. As I wrote in my previous post about the connection between the mind and disease ( HERE), in this case, once again the body is trying to make up for every extreme and take it to balance. In our mind, there is a deficiency and the body is trying to compensate for it. We do not feel significant and we want to take more SPACE in life. The body reacts – the pounds pile up. Our behavior is such that it encourages the goal of the mind and the body. We start with the uncontrollable urges to eat, and in reality we are hungry for emotions.

On the other side, people who have problems with being overweight, usually have some kind of trauma ( a psychological one), which they are trying to hide. They feel hurt and they want to hide it. Excess weight is something like a shelter. Being fatter, so you can hide under layers of fat. Not being attractive in the eyes of others, so you wouldn’t need to defend yourself.

I’ve noticed this for myself. And I am not talking about a lot of excess weight. I’ve noticed how my body is a product of my mind. How, depending on the stage of my life I find myself in, my body reacts and changes. Every time when I go through a conflict in my mind, which is born out of the fight between “ I am important and I need more attention”, my body reacts and forces me to behave in a way that promotes weight gain.

Usually, I manage to stop with the self- destructive actions, not when I find a diet that will discipline me, but when I solve my inner conflict.

What is the connection between being underweight and the mind?

In this case, the body is once again reflecting what is taking place in the mind. Underweight people or those who suffer from anorexia, are usually women or men who think that they are not enough – not beautiful enough, not capable enough. They are people, perfectionists, who are never content with who they are and they constantly self- punish themselves, thinking that they don’t deserve to be treated differently. They feel  unworthy and they are trying to hide from others. They are afraid that others might notice them and see how they are made out of flaws.

What is typical for a really thin person? He doesn’t take much space!

Did you get it? You are afraid that others will see you and that is why you are trying to be unnoticeable. What could be better than being thin enough, small enough so others can’t see you?

That’s how the body reacts to this mindset.

If you give it a thought about really thin people, you will notice that what they think and say about themselves, fits into what I have described.

What is typical for people who are in shape?

They have that balance – between the body and the mind. They are people who won’t overeat when they feel full, nor they are gonna starve when they need food. They’ve reached the balance.

I don’t know if you’ve thought deeper about this side of the coin! I realized a lot of things and I hope that I will help some of you to achieve the balance that you’ve been searching, by approaching the weight problems through a different perspective!

Have you thought about this and what is your opinion?

Here are some of the movements I am recently working on:

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