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Ines Subashka

How is your week? Mine is beautiful, when we keep in mind that it is autumn-one of my favorite seasons. My workouts are great and I really enjoy getting in better shape with every passing week.

It is time for this week’s Q&A. Thank you for all your wonderful messages!

Ines, I want to be leaner, but no matter how much I train, I am genetically predestined to be fatter. Everybody in my family is like that.

Genetics is a great excuse, but only when you use it in front of people who are looking for somebody to blame, about the lack of results. Here is some more information about your genes. And when it comes to “everybody in your family”- exactly! Not the genes themselves, but your bad habits are the once inherited in your family and the reason for where you are now.

So get yourself together and change the family habits, so your kids won’t need to blame their struggle with being overweight, on the “coincidence” of inheritance.

Ines, I want to eat the way you recommend, but everybody around me claims that fats are bad and that this is absurd. How could I prove them that they are wrong?

First, you should understand that no matter what you are doing, you are firstly doing it for yourself. How does it matter what somebody else thinks? If you think it is right, then do it.

A lot of people around me, doubt my nutrition, but this doesn’t bother me at all. After all, my results are a proof, that fats help you heal your body.

Usually, people who have the worst opinion about fats, and who are avoiding them at all costs, are the once with the worst health. If you follow somebody’s advice, let at least his results correspond with the results you are aiming for.

When it comes to fats, I hope that you’ve already understood that common, doesn’t always mean it is the right choice. If we keep in mind, how commercialized is the world, even what is claimed to be “healthy”, more often than not is just of an interest of big corporations and they are the once funding the researches. Because exactly the big companies, which fund all researches, are mainly those that produce the most junk foods. Do you think that when they fund the research, the results would prove that their products aren’t healthy?

Besides that, when it comes to fats, it is ridiculous to claim that they are not healthy. If we keep in mind that our own fat and animal fat have a pretty similar composition. And when our body needs fuel, and we do not give it, it will always turn to its stores- and in this case the stored fats.

If fat is that bad, doesn’t it sound absurd and like a paradox?

The main goal of our bodies is survival. And in its try to survive, it turns for salvation towards something that is so “dangerous”?

Besides that, breast milk contains around 41% saturated fats. If saturated fats are so dangerous, it would be really strange, that nature “decided” to feed babies with this kind of fats.

There are so many authentic facts, that do not require scientific researches, but more likely a critical thinking, in order for us to understand that “fats are dangerous” is the worst myth we’ve fallen to believe!

Ines, I am trying to eat more fats and I really decreased carbs, even though I am still eating rice and potatoes. But still, I am not progressing. Why is that?

Lately I hear a lot of comments like that. But you should understand one thing. If you increase the fats, but you are still eating plenty of potatoes, rice and other carbs, no wonder that you are not having results.

Fats and carbs are both fuel. And if your body hasn’t switched to using fats as a main fuel source ( which could happen only if you cut the carbs for a longer period of time and increase your fat intake), then it will always choose carbs as a fuel. Thus, by increasing the fats, while eating plenty of carbs, this will lead to carbs being used for energy and fats being stored.

So, if you’ve decided to increase your fat intake and eat the way I recommend, then you should really try to be more conscious about if you are just sporadically eating rice and other carbs, or if you are still making it a staple of your diet.

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Ines Subashka

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