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Q&A: Why Do You Fail Your Diet on The Weekends and When to Perform Single Leg Hip Thrusts?

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How is your week? Mine is really productive. Thank you for all your wonderful messages. This week I decided to choose these questions. I will be happy if you share your opinion in the comments below.

Ines, I have a problem. For some time I’ve been trying to eat healthier and during the week everything is perfect, but when the weekend is here, everything goes to waste. When I see that it is Friday, I am terrified by what I am gonna eat on the weekend. Why does it turn out like this? (more…)

Q&A: How to Bring More Variety In Your Workouts and Do You Need to Exercise Everyday In Order to Have Abs?

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Hello, Ines. I’ve been training with compound movements for a long time, but lately I don’t seem to find a motivation to work out. I feel as if there aren’t many compound movements and it seems like everything I do is out of habit. I don’t feel the challenge anymore. What could I do in order to get back the feeling of challenge and in order to find the motivation to train?

As with everything in life, even in the gym, we sometimes allow ourselves to just float with the current. We do everything out of habit, without being present in the moment and without acting according to our momentum condition. The fact that your workouts are not a challenge anymore, means that you are not using an adequate weight, that challenges both your mind and your body and that makes you focus on the movement itself.

If you are in the gym and you could allow yourself to think about other things, besides the movement you are performing right now, this means that you are not using the proper weight or that you are just slacking on the movement.

Compound movements are not boring. They have a bunch of variations. When we start from bodyweight movements, which have so much variations and more complicated variations.

If you feel like you don’t know a variety of compound movements, you can check out this websites, and you will find variations that will make your workouts more challenging: (more…)

Q&A: What Should You Eat After a Cardio Session, How to Fix Your Flat Feet and Is Intermittent Fasting Gonna Make Your Metabolism Slower?

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How is your week? Mine is wonderful. I am practicing a lot my handstands and I am having a lot of fun with it. Besides that I am reading some great books, even though this week I am trying to limit my hunger for information, because otherwise I try to fill every free minute with reading. And after all my mind needs a break, so I am trying to give it what it needs.

Thank you for your wonderful messages. This week I decided to answer the questions about what you should eat after a cardio session, how to fix your flat feet and is intermittent fasting gonna make your metabolism slower. Here are my answers, I’d be glad to read your opinion, so share it in the comments below my post.

Hello, Ines. For the past week, I’ve been trying to eat the way you recommend: (meat, eggs,veggies and from the fruits mainly watermelon).

So far, my observations are that I am getting leaner a lot faster than before. But (more…)

Q&A: How Do I Cope with the Feeling of Guilt When I Can't Work Out and How Much Does It Take To See Results with My Nutrition Approach?

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Hey, Ines. How do you cope with the feeling of guilt, when you are sick and you can not work out?

And is it true, that if you do not work out for 2-3 weeks, everything you’ve previously accomplished will go to waste and you will have to start from scratch?

This thought wouldn’t leave me in peace, now that I’ve been sick for a week and I have absolutely no strength to work out! (more…)

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