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5 Ways That Guarantee Women a Fitter Body
One of our clients - the beautiful Maria :)

5 Ways That Guarantee Women a Fitter Body

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1.To become stronger

How many women do you know that have such goals? Most want to become skinny ( whatever that means); to fit in last summer’s jeans or to just “tone” their body.

Well, as you know the only right path towards the goals, is in first place to have a clearly defined goal. And usually, behind the desire to achieve that goal, you should have a deeper meaning. Goals, which are based on the latest trend, are a guarantee for failure.

When you set clear, defined goals, that’s when you could find the proper methods to achieve them

You can not imagine how easy it would be for women to achieve the dreamed body, if their goal was to become stronger. The appearance which accompanies the function is unbelievable.

When you focus on challenging your body and discovering what it is capable of doing, I guarantee you that you will be really satisfied with your results. As well as, by the way you will look and by finding out the limitless abilities you have.

When you set the goal to become stronger, there is a bigger chance to pick up the proper training method. In order to become stronger you should either train with weights or master some harder body weight progressions. In both cases, you will achieve great results and a fit body!

So, the first change in your mindset should be in this direction! You should start thriving to become stronger!

2.Quit (more…)

Q&A: Everything about The Exercise You Should NEVER Do in The Gym and The Need to Switch Up Your Diet Every Two Weeks!

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Lauren Plumey

Hello, Ines!

For a while, I’ve been training the way you recommend. But I have a question. When I do lat pull downs, am I supposed to pull down in front or behind my neck?

That’s a wonderful question! Every time I see somebody pulling down behind their neck, something dies inside of me.

Pulling down behind your neck SHOULD BE (more…)

Q&A: Everything About Hip Thrusts and Loading Your Quads, Holiday Weight Gain and Body Splits

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Image: Marina Ramos Jorge, BSB CrossFit

How is your week? Hope it is going great! Thank you once again for all your wonderful messages and the comments on my Facebook Page. I greatly appreciate it! It is time for the weekly Q&A. This week I decided to answer why you could feel the hip thrusters in your quads, instead of in your glutes; how to deal with the holiday weight gain and how to choose your training method. (more…)

Q&A: Everything about The Best Posterior Chain Exercise, Fat Burners and Am I Going to Eat Sweets on Easter?

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How is your week? Mine has been great. It’s Easter this Sunday and here in Bulgaria most people are on a vacation right now. But as usual, my week has been busy, because I rarely take the time to rest the way most people understand a rest. I love what I do, so my job is not a burden, but an entertainment. Actually it is the purpose of my life, so I enjoy what I do and I will rest just on Sunday, when I will go to a village, far away from the city, where I will get the chance to enjoy some time in the nature.

Meanwhile, thank you for all the messages you sent me. I really love what you share with me. I am blessed that such wonderful people like you are my readers! Thank you!

This week, I decided to answer the questions about which exercise strengthened my posterior chain the most, what fat burner would I recommend and am I going to eat sweets on Easter. (more…)

Q&A: Всичко за болката в ахилесите, палео десертите и как да започнете да се храните здравословно!

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Инес Субашка

Как минава седмицата ви? Аз също като миналата седмица съм изключително натоварена и колкото и да обичам математиката нямам търпение ангажиментите ми в университета да приключат, за да мога да се концентрирам само върху тренировките и блога. Иначе съм изклчително доволна от напредъка си в залата и вече от доста време насам осъзнавам колко е хубаво визията да не ти е самоцел, а да се концентираш повече върху това какво можеш да правиш с тялото си! Така че, ако ви измъчват мисли относно външния ви вид, съсредоточете се върху това да преследвате цели свързани не само с визия, ами и с постиженията ви в залата. Обещавам, че всичко ще си дойде на място!

Тази седмица реших да отговоря на въпросите за болката в ахилесите, вероятна причина за нея и как да се отървете от тези болежки; мнението ми за палео десерите, както и как да започнете да се храните здравословно! (more…)

Q&A: Everything about Achilles Pain, Paleo Desserts and a Strategy to Start Eating Healthier

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Инес Субашка

How is your week? Mine is even busier than last week. I love math, but I can’t wait for my classes to be over, so I can focus just on the blog and workouts. Meanwhile I am getting stronger and I am really excited for my progress. I think that lately I realized how wonderful it is to focus not just on your appearance, but on what you are able to do with your body. So if some thoughts about your appearance have been torturing you, focus more on your performance goals, and I promise that your body will start looking great, without stressing so much over it!

This week, I decided to answer the questions about achilles pain, the reason behind it and how to take care of it; my opinion about paleo desserts and a strategy to start eating healthier! (more…)

Q&A: Everything about Squats and Knees Caving In; Cellulite and Emotional Hunger

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How is your week? Mine has been extremely busy and it is not the way I planned it, but I still manage to accomplish the goals I set for this week, so even though I feel tired, I am content with what I’ve done.

Thank you for the wonderful messages you sent me this week. Even if I don’t get back to you, you have no idea how wonderful my life is, because of your beautiful words and messages. So keep in mind, that the time you took to write me, really counts and really makes a difference!

This week I chose to answer the question about proper squat form and some corrective exercises, cellulite and how to get rid of it, as well as the difference between physical and emotional hunger. (more…)

Q&A: Everything about Muscle Soreness and Nutrition on Rest Days!

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Meatza 🙂

How is your week? Mine has been great! One of my exams passed, and I am really happy. Thanks to all of you who wrote me this week and sorry if you haven’t gotten your answer yet. But I am really busy so it will take me some time to read the messages and answer you back. This week I picked up two questions for the Q&A. One of them is about muscle soreness and workouts. And if muscle soreness is supposed to be the measure of an effective workout. The other one has to do with eating and boredom. How to avoid food indulgence and feelings of guilt. (more…)

Q&A: Everything about High Carb Days, Shoulder Pain and Eating After 6p.m.

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The beautiful Lauren Plumey

Thank you once again for all the wonderful messages that you sent me the past week. You should know that taking the time to write me a message, sometimes means the world to me and even if you think that it is not a big deal…trust me it is!

This week I decided to answer the questions about if I have high carb days, what to do when you have shoulder pain and why do I have dinner after 6p.m. (more…)

Q&A: How Many Fruits Do I Eat, How to Stop Craving Carbs and Everything about Intervals and Swings

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How many pieces of fruit do you eat in a day? I read everywhere that fruits should be eaten in small quantities, but I just love them and if I don’t eat at least 3-4 apples a day ( at least one for a dessert), I just can’t go on without them. I wouldn’t trade apples even for chocolate. So what is your opinion and is there a point in following a low carb, high fat diet, if I keep in eating cheese and fruits?

When it comes to fruits, I hardly ever eat them. Sometimes during the summer I might eat some berries. Every now and then, I might eat one-two slices of apple or another kind of fruit, but I rarely feel like eating them. At the beginning when I started eating high-fat, low carb diet, I felt like eating fruits a lot more often… before I adapted to the diet! Since this happened I have absolutely no desire for carbs, but mainly for pork steaks and pork breasts! 😉 At the beginning it will be hard, but as the time goes by, you will automatically decrease the fruits. Back in the days, I couldn’t go without eating at least half a cake for dessert, after dinner, but nowadays I can not even imagine to feel like eating cake! My advice is to give a chance to low carb, high fat eating. You will see how with more consistency, there will come a time when your way of eating, won’t be dictated by your will and by the “knowledge of what you SHOULD” eat and how you SHOULD limit carbs, because you will just lose your desire to eat so much carbs and you will crave more fatty stuff.

Hello, Ines! I decided to try the high fat, low carb diet. I know that it will be extremely hard, because I am used to eating sweet stuff every day. I wanted to ask you for advice. Would you recommend me this way of eating and if you have some kind of tricks for tidbits like me? (more…)

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