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How is your week? Mine is wonderful. I am practicing a lot my handstands and I am having a lot of fun with it. Besides that I am reading some great books, even though this week I am trying to limit my hunger for information, because otherwise I try to fill every free minute with reading. And after all my mind needs a break, so I am trying to give it what it needs.

Thank you for your wonderful messages. This week I decided to answer the questions about what you should eat after a cardio session, how to fix your flat feet and is intermittent fasting gonna make your metabolism slower. Here are my answers, I’d be glad to read your opinion, so share it in the comments below my post.

Hello, Ines. For the past week, I’ve been trying to eat the way you recommend: (meat, eggs,veggies and from the fruits mainly watermelon).

So far, my observations are that I am getting leaner a lot faster than before. But three times a week, every morning, I go out for one hour run, but then I am dying to eat something sweet.

I don’t give in to the craving, instead I eat a piece of fruit, but I know it is not the best I could do. Should I eat carbs just at night?

I am not getting tired from the workout itself, but from the increased appetite for carbs. On the days when I just lift weights, I do not have any problems or cravings. But I love running, it makes me feel good. In your opinion, what should I eat after my morning run?

As you know, I mainly work out with weights. Every now and then I might go and swim once a week. Swimming is the kind of physical activity, that could be placed in one category with running, i.e. as an aerobic activity, or the so called popular cardio. HERE I wrote exactly how I eat on the days when I swim. Now I will just say, that when you follow a low carb- high fat diet and you still go running, swimming or whatever aerobic sport you picked, you should eat enough fats, so you don’t get crazy carvings for carbs.

After a swimming workout, I usually have a big, pork steak, unlike the usual lunch of an egg omelet and bacon or avocado. I’ve noticed, that when I eat more animal fats, on the days I swim, I do not crave carbs and I feel extremely good.

I am sure that a lot of the ladies have problems with carb cravings, exactly because most of them are afraid of eating fats and their notion about “I eat fats” is far from the actual quantity of fats, they are supposed to eat in order to feel satiety and energetic.

So, go ahead and prepare yourself a nice, big, pork steak after the morning run, and I assure you that you won’t look for carbs.

When it comes to carbs for breakfast or for dinner, I wrote a post HERE and HERE. I recommend you read this post about women and fruit diets( HERE).

Hello, Ines. I’ve been following Intermittent fasting, i.e. I eat around 6-7p.m., after my training session. I feel great and I don’t constantly think about food. I even got leaner. I was wondering if I could make my metabolism slower, if I keep on eating like this and thus blow all my efforts away?

For those of you who don’t have an idea what IF is, you could read HERE, as well as the couple interviews, I shared with you, with some athletes who follow a fasting protocol: HERE, HERE and HERE.

When it comes to making your metabolism slower, I think that you are already aware the fact that “it often in smaller quantities” is more of a myth, than a rule that you should follow. Personally, I eat three times a day and I’ve never been fitter. I know people who eat twice or three times a day and they do not have problems with a slow metabolism.

What you should be careful about, when your food intake is divided in smaller amount of meals, is the quantity of the food you eat- i.e. to eat enough food.

Because if you eat once a day and you eat just two eggs, a piece of avocado and some veggies, it is just a matter of time to ruin your metabolism and become fierce about food.

Everybody feels differently, has a different regimen and lifestyle and your nutrition, should fit your lifestyle and not vice versa. Personally it took me some time, to get to the point, where I eat just three times a day. I started from the “mythological” 6-7 meals a day, I went through 5, then 4 and now I am sure that some day I will get to a point where I will eat just twice a day and I will still feel great.

But this is pretty individual and everybody should take the time to discover the number of meals, which corresponds best to his needs and his lifestyle.

Everything you should be careful about is to eat enough!

Hello, Ines. Some time ago, the doctors found that I have flat feet. I have lower back pain and they told me that my flat feet are the reason. But the thing is that they told me the foot arch is shaped until the age of 7 and it can’t be changed. What do you think?

First of all, it is true that the problems with the posture and some pains on your body, might be due to your feet. You’ve heard it before, but I love the comparison between a car and its tires. If you try to drive the car with flat tires, you will surely ruin the whole car.

The same thing happens with your body and your feet. Everything on your body is like a chain. If one place is damaged, everything above starts compensating, by going out of its natural work rhythm and movement and this leads to pain, change of posture and change of gate.

Most often than not, knee pain, hip pain, is due to your bad gate and uneven distribution of the weight on your feet.

I “love” doctors. Everything that takes time to be fixed, is being called “a birth defect” or “not able to change”. In reality your flat feet, might recover if you take the time and patience, plus make the effort in the right direction to change it.

It is really important to find shoes that are comfortable.

You should take the time to walk barefoot, as much as you can. Personally I train barefoot, I walk in the mountain or on the grass, still barefoot.

Thus, I don’t wear shoes that change my gate, because they are not comfy enough, I walk on a surface that is a challenge for my feet and makes the muscles on my feet work harder, thus improving my foot arch.

And besides that, you should take the time to watch these unique videos by some of my rehab gurus.

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And my daily dose of craziness from yesterday 🙂

Ines Subashka

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