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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

How was your week? Mine was really busy and I am a little bit tired. That’s why I decided to give my body a rest and get one week off of training. So, now I am sticking to clean eating and nice walks in the park.

Have a wonderful and active weekend and find time for my favorite reads for the weel!

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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

How was your week? Hope that you trained enough and that you ate good, quality food. Hope that every week you are building more and more healthy habits, and that it gets easier for you to stick to them

Take the time to go out for a walk during the weekend and meanwhile read my favorite reads.

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Ines Subashka

How was your week? Mine was wonderful. I rally love autumn and I try to steal every chance I have to go in the park and enjoy the season.

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to eat healthy and move more. Colder weather is not a reason to be inactive, but just a reason to dress with warmer clothes.

Meanwhile read my favorite reads for the week.

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59 Things Worth Reading

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Lauren Plumey

Another great week has gone by! I hope that you are feeling motivated and full of enthusiasm! I am getting back in shape and it feels great to be back in the gym and be pain free. I read a lot this week, but besides the blogs I follow, I read two books, so this explains the less reads, compared to the list last week. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to go out for a walk and eat some steaks and eggs! 😉

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Ashley Horner

The week is over and so are my finals! Which means, more time for reading and more interesting reads to share with you! How was your week? Hope it was a good and productive one! Don’t ever sacrifice your long term goals, for short term pleasures! Which means, that you should eat clean, move more and feed your soul on a daily basis!

Have a great weekend! And meanwhile, when you have some time to read, check out my favorite reads of the week!

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Hey, beautiful, fit people! How was you week? 🙂 I loved mine! Here it is snowing and it is getting colder, but I still enjoy my time in the park! It is really beautiful and refreshing! 😉 Besides that, I am back in the gym. I don’t work out a lot, because I am still not feeling very good, but some lifting is still better thanno lifting, so I appreciate the opportunity! Never forget to leave your ego at the door, and don’t do stupid stuff in the gym! It is not worth the pain! 😉

If you think it is too cold outside, dress APPROPRIATELY and go for a walk! No excuses! I don’t want you to be the kind of person, who stays at home all winter, just because it is cold outside! Get over it and move your butt! 😉 Then, come back home and prepare a healthy meal!

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week!

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My beautiful friend Galina Gegenava 🙂

It’s Saturday! How was your week? Tell me that you are getting stronger and healthy eating is becoming easier! 😉  I had a busy week, but I love weeks like this, because it makes me feel accomplished and satisfied! I love my clients. They really make my life complete! It is so inspiring to have the daily opportunity to see people break their limits, set PRs, overcome fears, and just reach their full potential! That’s my fuel! Their hard work and motivation is what gives me strength and energy to live a life full of purpose and happiness! 🙂

Don’t forget to eat clean during the weekend! If you crave something sweet, don’t eat junk food! Just check out some of the recipes on my blog and prepare something healthy! 😉

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week !:)

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