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Hey, beautiful, fit people! How was you week? 🙂 I loved mine! Here it is snowing and it is getting colder, but I still enjoy my time in the park! It is really beautiful and refreshing! 😉 Besides that, I am back in the gym. I don’t work out a lot, because I am still not feeling very good, but some lifting is still better thanno lifting, so I appreciate the opportunity! Never forget to leave your ego at the door, and don’t do stupid stuff in the gym! It is not worth the pain! 😉

If you think it is too cold outside, dress APPROPRIATELY and go for a walk! No excuses! I don’t want you to be the kind of person, who stays at home all winter, just because it is cold outside! Get over it and move your butt! 😉 Then, come back home and prepare a healthy meal!

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week!

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A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words by Emily Giza Socolinsky

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Ines Subashka

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