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In my opinion everybody should learn how to perform a handstand! 😉

It’s been a great week. Here in Bulgaria it is snowing and even though it’s colder, it is really beautiful! I love every season and I find them all to be charming! I love taking long walks in the park, no matter if it is snowy, rainy or whatever! So I encourage you to go out for a walk, then come back home and eat a delicious steak with some veggies, so you can get warmer! Meanwhile find time for my favorite reads of the week, because this week I really read a lot!

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71 Things Worth Reading

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Hey, beautiful, fit people! How was you week? 🙂 I loved mine! Here it is snowing and it is getting colder, but I still enjoy my time in the park! It is really beautiful and refreshing! 😉 Besides that, I am back in the gym. I don’t work out a lot, because I am still not feeling very good, but some lifting is still better thanno lifting, so I appreciate the opportunity! Never forget to leave your ego at the door, and don’t do stupid stuff in the gym! It is not worth the pain! 😉

If you think it is too cold outside, dress APPROPRIATELY and go for a walk! No excuses! I don’t want you to be the kind of person, who stays at home all winter, just because it is cold outside! Get over it and move your butt! 😉 Then, come back home and prepare a healthy meal!

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week!

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40 Things Worth Reading

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It’s already Saturday! 🙂 Here in Bulgaria the weather is still sunny, so I am heading for a walk in the park and I intend on reading A LOT! This week I am feeling really strong. My deadlifts have improved dramatically and I am loving it! How was your week? Hope you are still going strong, kicking ass in the gym and being good in the kitchen! 😉 Have a great, FIT and healthy weekend! Meanwhile read my favorite reads this week!

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31 Things Worth Reading

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Hey everybody! How was your week! Hope it was productive and that you are full of enthusiasm, passionately moving forward into the direction of your dreams! Hope that healthy eating is getting easier for you and it is already a lifestyle, not a diet! Hope that you’ve been working out and setting new PRs in the gym! Today it is time for my favorite reads of the week. There are some awesome reads as always, so make sure to take your time and read the list below!

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30 Things Worth Reading

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Hey, beautiful people! How was your week? Mine was full of pork meat, eggs, veggies and iron! 😉 Plus the great, motivated people I get the opportunity to coach every day! Hope you are on your road to a healthier lifestyle, learning something every day, getting fitter and feeling better about yourself! Don’t forget to eat clean during the weekend and move MORE! Take a walk, go rowing, go hiking… the couch won’t run away, so don’t bother staying at home, guarding it! Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week. There are some great posts! Enjoy!

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33 Things Worth Reading

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How was you week? Mine has been great! I visited some new places, trained in new gyms, with new people, who were really motivating and inspiring! I’ve been eating really clean, homemade food and I am just enjoying life and what I love to do- helping others find themselves, discover their own potential and create the life of their dreams! What could be better! Meanwhile I read some really great articles, that are really worth your time and attention! Be good during the weekend, eat clean, be active and read the articles on my list!

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Favorite Reads of the Week: 06/23/12

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It’s the end of the week again! How do you feel? Are you making the progress you are working so hard for? Before sharing my favorite reads of the week with you, I will be boring and remind you to eat clean and move more during the weekend! Keep in mind you are doing it for yourself, and no treat, cupcake or pizza is worth, blowing all your hard work during the week! So be good and stay in shape! 😉

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