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In my opinion everybody should learn how to perform a handstand! 😉

It’s been a great week. Here in Bulgaria it is snowing and even though it’s colder, it is really beautiful! I love every season and I find them all to be charming! I love taking long walks in the park, no matter if it is snowy, rainy or whatever! So I encourage you to go out for a walk, then come back home and eat a delicious steak with some veggies, so you can get warmer! Meanwhile find time for my favorite reads of the week, because this week I really read a lot!

First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong for the past week, in case you’ve missed something:

Jen Sinkler: A Life Full of Purpose and Greatness

Why Low Fat Products Are Not Healthy and How They Are Actually Making You Sick

The Best Diet! The Diet without Deadline!

Ladies: Why Training Your Upper Body Is a Must

Disappointments- A Cure for Stubbornness

Delicious Pudding with Avocado and Nuts

And now my favorite reads for this week:

4 Ways to Write Training Programs Faster

A Beginner’s Guide to Muscle Building

Vitamin D: 3 Things You probably Know and 3 Things You Probably Didn’t

Diet Advice That Goes Against The Grain

Grains and Human Evolution

Using Dairy to Substitute Fats for Carbohydrates

No Grains Equals No Migranes

Are You Sure Your Hip Flexors Are Tight?

Does Excessive Sitting Shorten The Hip Flexors?

The Danger of Hip Extension

Muscle Pattern During Prone Leg Extension

Stretching Muscle: A Brief Summary On What It Does

Pageant Win Was Worth The Weight

What a Strong Woman Wants

Purpose in Being

Falling Forward in The Squat

Confession of The Biggest Loser Part 1

Confession of The Biggest Loser Part 2

Confession of The Biggest Loser Part 3

How to Plan and Cook a Week’s Worth of Healthy, Tasty Meals

Intro to Kiefers Carb Backloading Diet

Squat Stance Width

The Freestanding Handstand Push Up

Run Faster and With less Injuries

Five Movement Series Part 2

Five Movement Series Part 1

5 Keys to Successful Strength Training

How to Get Big While Doing Crossfit

Why You Won’t See Pictures of Me in Bikini?

Why Crossfit and the Paleo Diet Combine for Explosive Weight Loss Results

A History of The Food Pyramid

Anabolic Gardens

4 Ways Sugar Makes You Fat

My Battle with an Eating Disorder

10 Ways to Make Your Workplace Healthier

You Got a Lot of Freaking Problems

It’s Crossfit, It’s Going to Hurt

Eating Breakfast Causes Weight Loss

How Bad Do I Want It

Lessons From Lifting

3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Deadlift

A Powerclean Premier for Beginners

How Crossfit Ruined My Life

Crossfit Doesn’t Hurt! Bad Coaching Hurts!

Love Your Body

1000000001 Different Ways to Squat

7 Ways to Get Strong Outside of The Sagital Plane

5 Reasons Your Shoulder Is Jacked Up and Not Jacked by Tony Gentilcore

5 Reasons Your Shoulder Is Jacked Up and Not Jacked Part 2 by Tony Gentilcore

8 Things I Learned in 2012 by Eric Cressey

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

Why We Are the Even Weaker Sex by Kellie Davis

Quick Thoughts on Maximal Deadlift Form by Bret Contreras

Deadlift Technique: How to Take the Tension Out of the Bar by Eric Cressey

Zach Even Esh interviews Nate Miyaki

How Do I Know If I Have a Glute Imbalance? by Bret Contreras

Enough With the Coaching Cues by Derrick Blanton

6 Tips for Better Recovery by Mike Robertson

8 Great Rowing Variations by John Meadows

A Power Clean Primer For Beginners by Charles Staley

The 5 Key Principles by Dan John

Power on Ice by Hal Pittman

How to Build Strength Without Ever Leaving the Squat Rack by Craig Weller

The Price of Success by Ross Enamait

5 Keys to Successful Strength Training by Mike Robertson

Training the 225 Rep Test by Chad Smith

Put Your Back Into It by Alli McKee

What’s Your Training Template? by Patrick Ward

Interview on Speed Development with Jim Kielbaso

Letters to All the Beautiful Little Girls Part 2 by Smitty Diesel and Friends

Personal Training/Coaching/Writing: Why You’re Not That Special by Tony Gentilcore

How Often Do I Change My Workouts? by Molly Galbraith

How Often Do I Change My Workouts? Part 2 by Molly Galbraith

21 Ways to Win Friends and Influence People In the Gym by Rich Thaw

How to Warm Up in a Hurry by Stevo Reed

Pullin It Up by Kelsey Reed

Winter Training by Ross Enamait

A Suggested Approach to Restore a Loss of Ankle Dorsiflexion in Injured Runners by Chris Johnson

3 Personal Training Systems Every Trainer Should Use by Jon Goodman

Why You Won’t See Pictures of Me in a Bikini by Nia Shanks

Sports Nutrition Roundtable by Joel Jamieson

Sleep to Perform by Dr. Mike Roussell

7 More Tweaks to Make Your Exercises More Evil by Dan Trink

5 Keys to a Productive Bullpen Session by Chad Rodgers

Interview with Pat Davidson

Keys to Thunder Thighs, Cracked Sking, and a Flat Ass by Josh Hamilton

Improving Agility by Doug Spurling

Creating a Balanced Workout Routine by Marianne Kane

A Leap of Faith Between Kettlebell Sizes by Pavel Tsatsouline

Things That Are Acceptable in the Weight Room But Not Real Life by Josh Williams

The Running Boom by Kellie Davis

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And one pic from my workout yesterday!

A picture of me, with two of my machines- Venelin and Nadia! 🙂

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