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1.The biggest success is health – taking care of our body – from the inside and out.

2.Every extreme is just as bad as its polarity. It is not good to be inactive, but neither it is if you overdo it with activity – the former forces the body to degenerate and the latter destroys it and once again forces it to become inactive. It is not good to eat junk foods, but neither it is to get insane over healthy nutrition – the former leads to deficits, because we do not get enough quality food. The latter leads to deficits, because we exclude too many foods. In both cases, we are depriving our body.

3.The more, the better is true just in the world of Winnie The Pooh. In reality, there is a limited return of the investment – after a certain point, more of the same action turns against us and our goals – more cardio is not equal to more calories burned and a better looking body. A heavier weight does not always mean more intensity and more quality time in the gym.

4.Ego is the hurdle to our results. Do not forget to leave your ego at the door – what matters is not who is gonna place the heaviest weight on the bar and who will perform the movement with 1/10th of the range of motion, but who will place ENOUGH weight on the bar, so he can perform the movement with full ROM. Partial squats with 60kg., do not lead to the same results as full squats with 50kg.

5.Obsessing too much over something doesn’t lead to better results. Usually, while we are focused on eating gluten free, with no antibiotic, without dairy, without artificial sweeteners and so forth, somebody who is eating quality food most of the time, and has some junk in his nutrition, is confidently passing by us and getting closer to his goal.


6.Healthy nutrition is not tasteless. The reason is that we lack cooking abilities or that we do not have desire to take some time and cook something healthy.

7.Eating the same thing over and over again is not a sign of consistency, but a sign that we have become slaves of routine. Training every day and doing the same thing over and over again, for a prolonged period of time, is not a sign of hard work and goal orientation, but a sign that you are not growing personally.

8.Eat for weight loss, train for performance. It doesn’t matter how long you have been on the treadmill, if you go home and eat two servings, plus a huge dessert.

Кокосовата ми палачинка :)
My coconut pancake.

9.Compound movements are the main dish, isolation exercises are for dessert. The whole always leads to a greater stimulus than the parts – exercises that activate the whole body are more effective, than exercises that activate just isolated parts of it.

10.If you feel tired, if something hurts – go back home. Do not train. Nobody is gonna judge you and your gains won’t go to waste. You will just get to recover faster and you will have a better workout tomorrow.

11.Ask yourself, on a daily basis “why”. It is important to know why you are making the effort for something – are you doing it for yourself or for other people’s opinion? Often times people spend their lives chasing not their own goals, but someone else’s. #notthewaytolive

12.Wear your favorite clothes. Stop keeping them in the wardrobe and stop hiding yourself under huge clothes. You can spend your life striving to get the dreamed body, so you can “deserve” to wear that particular dress or jeans. It won’t happen! You should first feel as if you already deserve it and then you will get the stimulus and the motivation to achieve it. The way we perceive ourselves, defines how we act and what we get. If we always consider ourselves unworthy, life will always place us in a situation where we come out – unworthy!

13.The most valuable investment is the investment in your own self – buy a book, buy a steak, buy something delicious, buy yourself a ticket for a seminar. This is not egoistic.

14.Don’t compare yourself with the achievements of other people. Everybody has his own path. Everybody starts from a different place and sooner or later we get to the end – what matters is the pace and that you never quit.

15.Stop feeling bad and stop thinking that your life sucks, because you see how other people are happy. We are all showing our best on the surface, but behind the screen we are hiding our reality. We all have your problems and your insecurities. We all have good and bad moments and if somebody tells you that he is always happy – he is either lying or taking drugs! 🙂

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