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Last week I decided to start a Q&A(HERE), where every week I will choose a couple of your questions, and share my opinion about them on the blog! This week I will respond to the questions if the chocolate diet is healthy, what do workouts with sprints look like and if I eat raw nuts!

Hello, Ines!

I love your website and I just started going to the gym, but I am still new to lifting weights. Can you help me? I want to lose about 10 pounds and become toned- especially my belly.

I wanted to ask you, exactly what does a workout with sprints look like and what am I supposed to eat after a workout and as a whole.

Thank you in advance!

Workouts with sprints, should be SHORT. Personally I start my workouts with a warm up. I do different running drills, speed ups and other similar drills. Then, depending on exactly what I want to do, I start doing some kind of interval sprints. The continuity of the intervals, is once again complied with my goals- if the sprints are shorter or longer. Here, here and here you can see in details my sprinting workouts.

When it comes to post workout nutrition, my point of view is a little different. I am not a slave of the rules “eat this pre workout; eat that post workout; eat before 6p.m. and so forth.” My philosophy about healthy eating is based on the quality of food and turning fats into a main fuel source. In my way of eating the breakfast, the pre or post workout meals do not differ that much. I always eat eggs, meat, fish, pork liver, pork or chicken hearts+ some kind of veggies, some more fats coming from butter, bacon, olives and avocado. So, if you want to know my opinion, as long as you stick to the foods listed above, and as long as you have a quality source of proteins, fats and carbs coming mainly from veggies, you won’t need to follow specific rules.

Hello, Ines. I wanted to ask you if the chocolate diet is healthy and if it is gonna help me lose 10-15 pounds?

First I want to say that the chocolate diet and healthy are two incompatible things. Healthy is what helps your body function properly! Healthy is what gives you the micro and macro nutrients you need. Healthy, is such a nutrition plan that you could follow for unlimited period of time and still feel healthy and energetic! Chocolate and the chocolate diet do not fit into this category!

Some time ago, a relative of mine, decided to follow the chocolate diet. Did she lose weight? Yes, but later on she gained it all back, plus some more.

With the chocolate diet you can lose some pounds, as you could with cabbage soup; with three pop tarts a day, with a package of crackers or just drinking water and lemon juice. The thing is that not everything comes up to losing weight. What matters is the body composition! Usually with the diets I just mentioned, you are losing weight, but the lost weight does not come from burning fat! You usually lose muscle. And what you can achieve with such kind of diet is the skinny fat appearance. I doubt it that this is your goal!

And let’s not mention that such diets are absurd and they are just a short term way to trick yourself that you are doing something, in order to look better. In reality you are just harming yourself and you are “digging your own grave”, and when you are done with the diet, you will probably gain the weight back, plus some more!

Besides that, these types of diets rob your body, from what it needs to function properly and you are voluntarily giving up your health and energy!

You should understand that being fit is not that hard, and you do not need the magic formula and a strange diet. Everything comes up to your lifestyle and the right choices. The choice to eat real food! The choice to BE HEALTHY AND FIT, and not weak and sick!

Hello, Ines! I like you recipes, but I have a question. What is your opinion about raw nuts? Do you eat them?

Here I wrote my opinion about nuts. Raw nuts, are a part of my menu every now and then. I eat them once or twice a week and mainly raw cashew ( because it is my favorite). Personally for me raw nuts, were what helped me start eating just real, clean food, without any cheats and without any junk. At the beginning, when I used to still crave some sweets, I just took a handful of raw nuts and a couple raisins and it did wonders for me. For me raw nuts are something like a healthy alternative of sweets, for people who can’t give up junk foods easily!

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