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The beautiful Bella Falconi

Lately I am receiving a lot of messages and unfortunately I can’t respond to all of them personally! That’s why I decided that once a week I will choose the most frequently asked questions, and I will respond to them here. Thus, everybody who has a similar question, will have the opportunity to read my opinion, without having to write me. I want to thank everybody, who sends me a message! I am trying to read everything and more often than not, I try to respond as many people as possible, but when that doesn’t happen, do not take it personally! I promise that one way or another, you will get the answer you are searching for!

Hello, Ines!

I am writing you with a question about peanut butter. I want to know what is your opinion about it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Usually I eat it after my morning run, as a breakfast- 2 tea spoons+ 1 apple+ 1 banana. What do you think? Is this a good combination, is it appropriate for a breakfast and do you eat peanut butter?

I do not eat peanut butter. It is really popular among bodybuilders, but in my opinion it contains a lot of carbs and fats in the same time, which is never a good combination. It could be included sporadically in one’s menu, as an alternative, variety, but it is far from the best option.

The breakfast you shared, has almost just carbs, and as you probably know, my philosophy limits them! So personally I wouldn’t choose this for breakfast. If I eat an apple with peanut butter, this would be a sporadic meal and tell you the truth there isn’t a big chance I would feel like eating such thing. As a whole, I am focused on eating simple food- meat, eggs,fish,veggies and so forth. I do not buy food, which is in a jar, a can and so on, even if its label claims it to be healthy!

All of these butters and other “healthy”,delicious alternatives from the sort are far from the best choice. They are ok if you are 250 pounds, eating every day in McDonald’s and KFC ( i.e. your food choices are terrible) and you decide to lose weight. Yes, at first the transition from terrible food choices, to foods which are a little bit healthier would give you results. But when you are already a good looking person, trying to get fitter and leaner, this is far from optimal!

My advice would be, that if you really feel like eating this, do it every now and then, but do not use it as a foundation of your nutrition, fooling yourself that if it claims to be healthy, you can eat it as much as you want!

Hello, Ines!

I wanted to ask if you can recommend some easy exercises, which could be performed at home, for people like me, who have absolutely no free time. Something about legs and butt.

Thank you in advance!

This is a question that a lot of people, especially women ask. Exercises that you could be doing at home, are the same you are supposed to do in the gym. The only difference is that at home you do not have weights and you have to use mainly your body weight. I recommend you buy a kettlebell and you will be able to do intense, quality workouts at home. Check out Marianne’s website (HERE) for kettlebell workouts! .In these posts( HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE and HERE), I showed a lot of exercises for legs and butt, that could be performed at home. Don’t forget that you are never too busy, and you could always find 45-60 minutes, 2-3 times a week for an intense workout. Just set is as a goal, choose it as one of your priorities and you will find time. And the results will be more than satisfying! This by itself will be enough motivation to keep you going in the future.

Hello, dear Ines! I do not know you personally but I often follow your Facebook profile(HERE). I want to lose weight and get tones. I need a nutrition plan and workouts. The nutrition plan is really important.

I receive a lot of similar messages. I am happy that these people decided to change their lifestyle, but when I ask them how they are eating right now, I get a response like this “ I eat crackers, yogurt,chocolate and salads!”

My advice to people who want to lose weight, but still eat foods like the once mentioned above, is to stop searching for a magic nutritional plan. The first thing that you are supposed to do is to get rid of the “modern foods” on your menu and start eating real food!

Personally, 5-6 years ago when I used to eat all kind of junk foods, I lost a lot of weight just by giving up soda and bread. Gradually clean your nutrition from the junk foods and when you do this, then search for a structured meal plan. Now some of you will say that this is a wrong approach and that I should give you a strict meal plan. But my observations show me that not many people are able to ditch their bad nutrition habits, in just one day. More often people stick to a meal plan for a month or two and then they can’t do it anymore, and go back to their old, bad, eating habits! And my goal is not to give you a quick, temporary fix, but a long term solution and a lifestyle change!

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Ines Subashka

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