Q&A: Everything about The Chocolate Diet, Sprinting Workouts and Raw Nuts

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Last week I decided to start a Q&A(HERE), where every week I will choose a couple of your questions, and share my opinion about them on the blog! This week I will respond to the questions if the chocolate diet is healthy, what do workouts with sprints look like and if I eat raw nuts! (more…)

How to Become Fit without Doing Cardio?

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Weather is getting better and people are leaving the gym. Most people want to lose some weight for the summer and cardio seems like the best way to do it, doesn’t it? Yea, right… 😉 Calm down, I wouldn’t believe the last sentence even if I was under strong medications! I understand people who run just because running gives them pleasure. It’s some kind of meditation for them. I can’t argue with this. After all if this makes you happy, go ahead and run but do not fool yourself that this is the best way to get rid of the extra pounds!

If you’d like to work out outside, one of the best things you could do for yourself, your health and your body, are (more…)

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