Do You Think That Being on a Diet is Boring? Check Out How to Change It!

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Beti's lunch 🙂

Today I had the intention to write about something totally different. But while I was eating my favorite breakfast of eggs, butter and veggies, thinking how delicious it is and how I could eat this forever, these words passed through my mind: “ I can’t follow this diet. I can’t eat the same thing every single day.”

Then, I thought that I don’t see my food as being boring. I’ve said it before but variety in your nutrition depends on your abilities in the kitchen. You could prepare a lot of different meals, with the help of just 3-4 eggs and different veggies and meats.

But this is not so important. What is important is why do (more…)

Your Reasons ( Excuses) For Not Eating Healthy and My Solutions!

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1.I am outside all day long and there isn’t any healthy food

This is my “favorite” excuse! Let me ask you… you can buy croissants, and put them in your bag; you can buy a sandwich and take it for later; you can buy pop tarts and take them with you… then what is stopping you from preparing good, quality food at home, and then storing it in Tupperware and taking it with you for later?

Every time, when I know that I am not gonna be home all day long and there isn’t a place, where I can buy good food, I prepare it at home!

I don’t get it, why you would be ok to take out of your bag a croissant or a sandwich, but you (more…)

Why I Don't Eat Chocolates…

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Today my grandma is having a birthday. This reminds me of the time I became interested in the food I eat. Before that I was “the good kid” that used to eat everything. Of course I was the favorite guest, because I wasn’t pretentious and it wasn’t hard to please me. When I started eating healthy and I began rejecting desserts and other treats, I had a serious conflict with most of my friends and family. All of them indignantly asked how I could be so disrespectful by refusing to eat a chocolate for a birthday party or a piece of cake or pizza.( In my country we treat people with chocolates for our birthday and we say “Eat some for health”…go figure… J)

Back then, I used to have really tough moments, (more…)

Nutella Is Not Broccoli!

Continue ReadingNutella Is Not Broccoli!

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Yesterday while I was reading my daily dose of articles, I stumbled upon an article, that is something between a tragedy and comedy or let’s make up a word tragicomedy( that is the word that would describe the case). The article is about a lady who managed to suit Ferrero( the company that manufactures the chocolate Nutella) for $3 millions. She claims that she was misled by Nutella’s commercial, that it is a healthy food and for about 4 years she fed her daughter with it, thinking it is good for her!

Sometimes I wonder how such absurd situations are even possible? How is it possible for a reasonable person, to be misled that Nutella is healthy? Here is the “misleading” commercial that led to four years of “healthy eating”! (more…)

One Life,Two Perspectives: Which One Do You Choose?

Continue ReadingOne Life,Two Perspectives: Which One Do You Choose?

Gabriela Subashka

When you give opportunity to your lazy- self to take over your life, you spend your life sleeping, sitting and just wasting your time on Earth. You think that active lifestyle will make you tired and worn out…

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Then you wake up and you are bored again. You need socializing, so you go out and eat. You visit fast food restaurants and indulge in tons of unhealthy foods, and you think that makes you happy!

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Your lifestyle is only waring you out. Damaging your health. Making you feel tired. You have no desire to do something meaningful. Every day you become less productive and (more…)

How to Find Motivation to Work out and Eat Healthy?

Continue ReadingHow to Find Motivation to Work out and Eat Healthy?

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“If I could workout like you do!”

“ If I could have strong will like yours.”

“ If I could eat healthy like you do!”

“If I could live without eating junk.”

Truth is that you can! The problem is do you really want it!

They say that motivation is like hygiene. You should take care of it every single day!

I don’t always feel like going to the gym. Sometimes (more…)

How Counting Calories Is Ruining Your Health and Your Diet?

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Calories… I am not gonna lie to you, I have never thought about the calories in my food until 8th grade. One of my best friends used to be a synchronized swimmer and she was always on a diet. She thought me how to read food labels and how to calculate calories. From then on I was obsessed with calorie counting. That was the first thing I read on the labels and the only thing I cared about. The less the calories the better and healthier I thought it was. Good Lord I am smarter than that now! If you are not familiar with my view on food and calories you better start with reading this article and then come back and finish this one!

If I had to describe my nutrition philosophy in one sentence it would be to eat as much natural, unprocessed food as possible by trying to make fats be at least 60% of your dietary intake!

That means, that not quantity or calorie value of food matters but QUALITY! But let’s see how counting calories can make you take some really bad and unhealthy food choices.

1) (more…)

When Healthy Eating Goes Wrong

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Too much of a good thing? Is that even possible?  I remember when I was in high school I was really keen on philosophy. My mother had a degree in philosophy and we often talked about it. One day I had an assignment for school and she told me how choices are like a fan. One end of the fan is the worst choice and the other end is the best choice. If you tried to bring the fan together, both ends would touch. That means that extremes, no matter if they are with good or with bad intentions lead to the same place- self- destruction.

That is what happens if you are being way too healthy! There is nothing wrong with making smart choices when it comes up to the food you fuel your body with! But it is all about balance! It is an ongoing balancing act between pushing your limits for the right reasons versus the wrong reasons!

When you turn in an exercise and healthy eating fanatic, it all goes (more…)

How to Make the Difference Between Hunger and Cravings?

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You’ve all experienced it. You just had a good meal, ate a steak and some veggies with a couple pieces of bacon. As you go back to sit on your computer, you feel the urge to eat something. How is that possible? You just ate! Is it possible that you could still be hungry?

Well, 99% of the time, the truth is that you are experiencing a craving!

But how could you make the difference? How do you know when (more…)

13 Ways to Make Your Child Eat Healthier

Continue Reading13 Ways to Make Your Child Eat Healthier

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Most parents complain that they can’t make their children eat healthy! They say that healthy food is boring! But is that true?

I think that you are the problem, not healthy food! If you give your child some fruits and vegetables and tell him that its healthy, well your kid won’t eat it for sure! Kids just don’t care if it is healthy or not!

But if you make an effort in the kitchen to make healthy food more appealing, I assure you that your kid will love healthy eating! Here are some suggestions from me: (more…)

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