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Another great week has gone by! I feel really satisfied. Every day I am getting more and more convinced that everything in life is up to us, our attitude and our thoughts! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If life seems like an evil and an ugly place to be, then the problem is inside of you and that’s where you should search! That is what is supposed to be fixed!

Enjoy life, because it is truly beautiful! Focus on the good things and be grateful for everything you have!

Read a lot! It really makes life complete!

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay positive and full of enthusiasm and desire to live!

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Interview with Patrick Ward

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Bust Through Your Fat-Loss Plateau by Molly Galbraith

Bust Through Your Fat Loss Plateau Part 2 by Molly Galbraith

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Qualities of the Private Sector High School Strength Coach by Chase Karnes

5 Lifts to Increase Mobility by Dan Blewett

Should You Actually Be Eating More and Exercising Less? by Nia Shanks

How to Do the Perfect Pushup by Dr. John Berardi

GPP for Weightlifters by Jacob Tsypkin

Heel Pain and Shoewear Modification by Chris Johnson

Barbell Farmer’s Carries with Banded Kettlebell by Doug Spurling

Quick Video Tips from Doug Spurling

6 Week Fat Blast by Jon Erik Kawamoto

5 Tips For Cold Weather Training by Jon Erik Kawamoto

Bench to Kettlebell Press More by Pavel Tsatsouline

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