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Usually I work out at the same time every day and that is why I meet the same people in the gym. For a long time, I’ve been stalking their progress or the lack of it. I am constantly analyzing my own mistakes, as well as their mistakes. What always makes a big impression is the massive amount of time they dedicate to work out their upper body and the scarce time, they take to work out their lower body.

I don’t know why, but I totally LOVE training my legs and butt. I wonder how people could avoid the satisfaction of doing heavy squats, deadlifts, lunges and so forth.

That is why today I am gonna share with you, my favorite lower body exercises!


Squats are my favorite movement! Nothing could compare to a heavy set of squats. There is just something mighty in holding all that weight on your back, and experiencing the mixed feelings of being nervous and curious, if you are gonna manage to squat with that weight and the most important thing- to rise back up, while maintaining good form.

I love every single squat variation:

-Back squats

-Front Squats


-Bg Squats ( I really love those, not because I am Bulgarian 😉 )

Usually I always incorporate some kind of a squat variation in my workout. I usually do one bilateral movement, or in other words a movement that is performed with the assistance of both legs and one unilateral- a movement that is performed mainly or just by one leg- pistols, lunges.

I train that way for a couple reasons.

First, the imbalance between the left and the right side is usually noticeable and if you do just bilateral movements, chances are that you are just gonna increase the imbalance and more often than not injuries happen exactly because of muscle imbalances.

Another reason is that with unilateral movements, you need a lot more balance and stability and these qualities, have been lost by most people. Probably because in our daily life, we are not demanded to use a lot of balance and stability and we lose them somewhere along the way! And they are really important!

And one more reason, or it is at least in my point of view, that I manage to achieve bigger ROM with unilateral movements, than with bilateral, which helps me load my glutes and hamstrings a lot more.


Lunges are another great exercise! There are a lot of variations. I’d rather do front loaded, reverse lunges, as they are more friendly on my knees and I definitely feel better doing them. If you want to educate yourself more on the topic of lunges, my advice is to visit Ben Bruno’s website, as in my eyes he really knows what he is talking about!

Another variation that I use is Front Leg Elevated Lunges. They allow for a bigger ROM and I feel my glutes burning.


The Deadlift is the Queen of exercises or at least in my point of view! It is an excellent exercise for the back chain and nothing makes you feel the burn, as heavy deadlifts do! I’d rather do the conventional deadlift, but every now and then I incorporate One-Legged Deadlifts, because it really loads my hamstrings and glutes. If you haven’t tried it, I am sincerely recommending it!

Hip thrusters

Hip thrusters aren’t the most used exercise or at least I do not see a lot of people doing it. Personally I incorporate them in my program, and I’ve really noticed big improvements. If you want to become a pro at doing hip thrusts, I highly recommend you follow Bret Contreras’ website, who is an expert and it is no accident that he is famous as “The glute guy”!

Good morning

Tell you the truth, I don’t like good mornings. Not that there is something wrong about doing them, but this movement somehow couldn’t win my love. But I am still doing it because I feel the burn! As you know we are not supposed to perform only exercises that we like, but the ones that help us improve!

Even if at first sight good mornings aren’t a really interesting exercise, I’d even go further and say it is boring, it always manages to leave a long term memory in me, when I do incorporate it. Nothing loads the hamstrings, the gluteus maximus and the adductor magnus, the way that good mornings do!That’s why I encourage you to include this movement in your training program!


If you know me, you know I love swings! I really love kettlebells, but swings are my favorite. Besides helping me get more explosive and strengthen my back chain, they are a great conditioning exercise. Nothing could take your breath away, as a set of 50 heavy swings at the end of a workout! Priceless! If you wanna know more about the swings, check this article!

These are the exercises I use in the gym. Stay tuned for the exercises I use when I work out outside!

Meanwhile, share your favorite lower body movements!

P.S. If you liked this post or find it helpful, please share it with your friends! I’d greatly appreciate it!

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