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I remember the first time I decided to visit the weightlifting room. I spend a lot of time, walking around the building and I couldn’t find the courage to walk inside! Until then, I have never touched weights and I did not know what to expect. When I go somewhere, I love knowing that I belong there, and that day I was convinced I was gonna resemble a primal person, teleported in 21st century!

After a lot of hesitating, I dared to walk in the weightlifting room. I felt weird. The countless number of machines in the gym, overwhelmed me. They looked like an invention by some great scientist, and I had no idea what to do with them! Men, walking around, acting strong and staring with the bad look, only made me feel worse and made me ask myself, what was I doing there!

Obviously you are getting my idea, and I am no exception- as most of you are fearing to enter the gym, I did too. I hope that you will trust me, that after all it is not that scary, and now I am totally hooked and I never skip a day without entering the weightlifting room!

In order to encourage you to give it a try, I decided to give you a couple tips, how you could feel more comfortable in the weightlifting room!

1.Dress with something comfortable and appropriate

Probably most men are gonna laugh at that tip, but as you know we are women and appearance always matters! 😉 That is why you better dress in something comfy. Avoid dressing with scanty clothes, because that will only make you nervous. Imagine, if you are with a tiny, little, tank top and you have to do burpees…there is a danger to show a little more skin than you initially planned! If you are worried, that you are not in the best shape, avoid too tight clothes. Thus, you won’t need to think if your belly or love handles are hanging or jiggling! There are endless examples, but I think you are getting my point!

Personally, I do not insist on looking like a photo model in the gym. After all flipping tires, doing burpees and so on, are exercises, that will sure make you get dirty. That is why I separate the fashion isle from my workouts! I always dress with something, that makes me feel comfortable and lets me think only about my workouts, not how much skin I am gonna show!

2.Have a plan

Usually the reason to feel fear about something, is because it is covered in mystery. The thing that is unknown, is the thing that scares us! Think how many things, that initially scared you, justify your worries? The first day at school? Your first test? First competition? There isn’t anything scary…just some obscurity.

That is the reason you are scared to walk in the gym… you do not know what to expect! Ask some of your friends that are already going to the gym. Learn what you could do during your first workout. Thus, when you walk in the gym, you will feel more secure and even though  you are not familiar with the atmosphere , you will have a plan that will give you strength to stand against your fears!

3.Be confident in yourself

I could be only 22 years old, but I know one thing for sure! A person who is convinced in what he wants and why he does what he is doing, always seems right at his place! When you walk into the gym, do not worry about people who are there.

I know that there  will be machines, which functions couldn’t be guessed even with a thick manual! I don’t even recommend you using them! I bet that you’ve had some PE at school. Remember about some exercises you learned there and do them. That will give you some confidence that you are doing something and that you are getting in the sport’s atmosphere!

4.Do not think about other people

Tell you the truth most of you are scared exactly, because you are asking yourself, what others think of you! Are you gonna look stupid? Are they gonna laugh at you? It doesn’t matter at all! Why are you going to the gym? Because of others?…or because of yourself? Didn’t we already discuss that if we knew how rarely other people think of us, we would never torture with the thought what they are gonna think?

That’s why you need to be confident and focused on your own goals!

5.Bring your workout journal

When you start going to the gym more often, you could take your workout journal with you. Write down the weight you lifted, the reps you completed and so on. That is gonna keep your attention and it will give you more security! Your workout journal is gonna be something like your invisible buddy, that will always be there to give you a hand when you need it!

6. Find some friends

When going to the gym becomes a rule and not an exception, start communicating with people! Some of them will be obnoxious but others will be friendly! Throw a joke about the workout, ask somebody to help you or explain you something! You have no idea how much people in the gym want to talk to you!You just need to start the conversation! Thus, as time goes by they will become your second family and you will be eager to go to the gym! But keep in mind that you went there to workout, not chat! Keep the conversations in some reasonable limits!

Even today, when I go to a new weightlifting room, I still feel nervous! The tips I listed above help me a lot to get used to the new place and feel part of the community! After all, as I already told you, people in the gym do not care about you! They won’t probably notice you, because they are too busy focusing on themselves!

What are some of your tips to feel more comfortable in the weightlifting room?


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