You are currently viewing IFS Podcast #10 with Tristan Haggard: Ketogenic Diet As a Tool for Health, Performance and Beyond
Tristan Haggard

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My guest today is Tristan Haggard and you’ve probably read some of his great articles on The Primal Edge or you’ve watched some of his great, helpful videos on Youtube.

Tristan is not like the other health gurus, because he approaches health and fitness through a different perspective – he looks on that through the light of evolution and he has realized that everything in nature functions in a unified fashion.

Health and fitness are more than just food and exercise and today you will get to know more about ketogenic diets, kids and healthy nutrition, fat and carb intake and seasons, circadian biology and EMFs. By the end of this podcast you will have another piece of the puzzle that you will be able to apply on your journey to the best shape of your life.

In this podcast we discuss the following topics:

-protein intake for a keto diet. What’s the case? Is every gram of protein that critical to the production of ketons and is it true that any excess protein “turns into sugar” right away?

-what is the difference between a medical ketogenic diet  and a ketogenic diet in the general population where health and fat loss are the goal;

-transition to a keto diet -how do you adjust easier to the new macro intake;

-cyclical keto diet – what is it and how it works;

-why do some people have a hard time on a ketogenic diet;

-are there people who do not respond well to a keto diet;

-is a keto diet appropriate for women or does that have some health complications;

-what is the reason Tristan and his family moved from California to Ecuador? Though it might look like just a family changing their place to live,  there is more to it. How does it have something to do with the climate change, the length of the daylight and all those environmental factors that most of us underestimate?

– EMFs and weight gain – why people get obese regarding of their food intake?

– should the diet  vary depending on the season and the length of daylight? Should the ratio between macros depend on whether it is summer or winter?

-why people in Ecuador and other places where the climate is hot could eat more carbs?

-how Tristan and his wife manage to feed their daughter with healthy food; how come a little kid says that her favorite food is broccoli?

-Raw milk – is it safe to drink it?

-how do you cope with a ketogenic diet in a social setting where everybody else eats in a different way and judges on your food choices.

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