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The beautiful Chyna Cho 🙂

How was your week? Mine was great! I managed to do a lot of things. Don’t forget to go out for a walk and eat clean during the weekend! Meanwhile read my favorite reads for the week!

First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong for the past week in case you’ve missed something:

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The Truth About Adding variety to Your Workouts! Do You Really Need It?

Do You Care about Other People’s Opinion? Here Are The Consequences!

Zucchini Pancakes with Sour Cream

And now my favorite reads for the past week:

This Trendy “Strong is the New Skinny” Thing (and what it could mean for the next generation of girls)

You (Still) Don’t Know Squat

Where Are You First Rib??

The 7 Biggest CrossFit Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Weightlifting Shoes and Why You Need Them

Snack Attack

Saturated Fat and Coronary Heart Disease, Part II: The Paleo Principle

How To Tape Your Hands

Proper Force Transfer in Weight Training: Grounding, Contacting, and Tightening

Look How Quickly the U.S. Got Fat (1985-2010 Animated Map)

Why We Crave Comfort Foods

Strengthen Your Mental Game

Intro to Foam Rolling, Lower Back Pain, & the Quads

Getting More out of Foam Rolling: Breaking down the 3 S’s

Teaching the Puppies to do Double Unders

Ten Reasons Everybody Should Strength Train

When a WOD comes up that you’re pretty damn good at…

How to Deadlift More – by Andy Bolton, World Record Holder

Eating to Recover: How and What to Eat Post Workout

5 Factors for Success

7 things I do differently in 2013

The Dangers of a Metcon Addict

Beast Reality: A Powerlifter in a White-Collar “World”

Sleep: What the Research Actually Says

Carbs at Night

3 Mental Tips to Improve your CrossFit Performance

Changing Your Overhead Press

Get Your Dip Game Tight!

I Wanna Be Like You! Really?

How to Tape Your Hands

Proper Force Transfer in Weight Training

Balancing Fats

Saturated Fat and Coronary Heart Disease Part 1

Saturated Fat and Coronary Heart Disease Part 3

Saturated Fat and Coronary Heart Disease Part 4

Saturated Fat and Coronary Heart Disease Part 5

Saturated Fat and Coronary Heart Disease

The Scary Truth About Probiotics by TC Luoma

6 Fat Loss Training Mistakes by Craig Rasmussen

7 Reasons to Squat Like a Man by Bret Contreras

Why Shoulder Injury Prevention Programs Are Failing by Tony Gentilcore

My Path Down the Iron Trail by Kyle Matthews

Interview with Kelly Starrett

Gaining Fat to Build Muscle by Brad Pilon

Joint Mechanics: The Shoulder by Joel Jamieson

Rogers Athletic Factory Tour by Jim Kielbaso

15 Lessons from Deadlifting 500 Pounds by Dr. Mike Roussell

Deadlift Cueing and Fixes by Tony Gentilcore

Hands On Training by Dan John

Secrets to Mastering the Squat: Part 2 by Molly Galbraith

6 Best Exercises for Strength by Mike Robertson

1 Arm Bottoms Up Kettlebell Military Press by Eric Cressey

5 Reasons to Join a CSA

Fat Loss for Dudes and Bros by Alwyn Cosgrove

How Not to Teach Someone a New Skill by Dean Somerset

Abs Like a Fighter by Smitty Diesel

Turn Your World Upside Down by Alli McKee

5 Mobility Issues Preventing a Consistent Release Point by Mike Reinold

Core Stability and Pain: Is it time to stop using the word stability to explain pain? by Greg Lehman

Improve Your Squat and Deadlift With This Simple Cue by Jordan Syatt

Stress and Damage Caused by Dieting by Elizabeth Walling

Dreamers by Marshall Johnson

Simple Banana Bread by Colin Richmond

The Truth Behind In-Season Baseball and Softball Training by Dan Blewett

Adding Up to Lower Back Pain by Joe Giandonato

Volleyball In-Season Workout by Mike Guadango

Does the World Need Another Post on Deadlifts? by Jeremy Duvall

Science Says Dairy is Good for Insulin

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And one picture from the other day! 🙂 Gym clothes are the dress code, but sometimes you just got to dress better!

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