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Инес Субашка
As you probably notice I am addicted to pistols and handstands 😉

How was your week? Mine was great, but I am really tired, so I think to take a break and take long walks in the park, as well as find time to read! Meanwhile, I hope that you will find time to go for a walk. Don’t forget that the weekend is not an excuse to eat crappy food. Don’t forget to go through the list of my favorite reads and read as much as you can!

First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong for the past week in case you’ve missed something:

One Mistake You Make in Your Workouts That Is Interfering with Your Progress

One Exercise I Changed My Mind about! Check Out Which One!

Yoanna Hristova: Life Beyond Limitations ( how a girl got involved in stunting)

Everything about Muscle Soreness and Nutrition on Rest Days

Our Fears Don’t Stop Death, They Stop Life

Pepperana Salad with Tuna and Eggs

And now my favorite reads of the week:

30 Beautiful Things Happening Right Now

I Can’t Gain Weight! Help!

A New Model for Training Between Starts Part 1

Cardio Confusion

Tao of Loss

Sexy Shoulder Function

Brittni Shae

37 Ways to Be a Badass

Shoulder The Load

Push Ups, Face Pulls and Shrugs

Sports Body Training Performance: The Smartest Man in Fitness

My Shoulders Hurt

Why Breakfast Is Nothing But a Scam

In Season Training Lessons

Point Counterpoint: Mike Reinold

Commonly Ignored Mobility Spots

Hormonal Response to Crossfit

Barbell Hip Thrust: Solutions and Tips

Understanding The Pain

Break Up with Your Scale

Made Strong Through Weakness: How Crossfit Transformed an Italian Prison

How to Properly Analyze Performance

Eight Common Myths about Strength Training

Chin Ups: 6 Tips to Help You Over The Bar

Stronger Than Before

Fix Your Kettlebell Clean

Finding Your Accountability

Turkish Get Up Like a Boss

Training for Balance and Posture Maintenance

Reflections on Reflections: A Case Against Mirrors

The Line Between a Tough Coach and an Abusive One

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Olympic Lifting by Wil Fleming

Attract More Like by Jen Sinkler

5 Things About Training I Had to Learn the Hard Way by Sean Hyson

5 by 5 by 25 by Tim Henriques

High Intensity Continuous Training by Steve Reed

Big vs. Strong by Sean Hyson

7 Ways to Fix Weak Hamstrings by Jason Ferruggia

Psychology is Physiology by Josh Bryant

Top 5 Strength Training Exercises from Joe Defranco

General vs. Specific Conditioning by Joel Jamieson

Living in Strength by Alli McKee

So You Want to be a Fitness Professional? by Tony Gentilcore

Pre/Post Game Nutrition with New Orleans Saints RD Tavis Piattoly

Great Post from Mike Boyle

New Uses for Creatine by Sol Orwell and Kurtis Frank

Fitcast Interview with Bret Contreras

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking by Rachel Cosgrove

A Brief Discussion of “The Look” by John Romaniello

Olympic Lifting 1st Pull: You Might Be Doing It All Wrong by Wil Fleming

Strength Coach Podcast 120

Radical Re-Inflation Plan by Dan Blewett

Sexy Shoulder Function by Mike Robertson

Football Combine Training by Chad Smith

Turkish Get-Up Like a Boss by Stacy Schaedler

Training Clients with Low Body Awareness by Dean Somerset

Bottoms-Up Turkish Get-Up by Eric Cressey

You Get What You Train by Eric Schoenberg

Maximizing Power Production by Bret Contreras

The Hidden Benefit of Hand-Release Pushups by Jen Sinkler

The Best Cue For a Better Upper Body by Joy Victoria

Strong Review for Strong Curves by Tony Gentilcore

Powerlifting: The Definitive Guide by Jordan Syatt

Heavy Partials by Greg Nuckols

Problems with Autoregulation by Bojan Kostevski

10 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts by Jon Erik Kawamoto

What Do You Do For Training? by Jen Sinkler

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Ines Subashka

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