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Yoanna Hristova

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.

Yoanna Hristova: My name is Yoanna Hristova. I am 25 years old and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I graduated aviation technologies in Technical University of Sofia.

IS: How long have you been participating in the stunting workouts? Have you been involved in other sports before that?

YoH: I’ve been going to stunting workouts for the past 4 years. Before that I did aikido, brake dance, climbing and taekwondo.

IS: How did you decide to start going to stunting workouts?

YoH: I was interested in that sport and in extreme activities as a whole, since I was in high school. I’ve always wanted to pursue this. When I found out that there is stunting workouts , I didn’t hesitate to get a membership.

Yoanna Hristova

IS: Everybody who has seen you, has probably noticed the graceful way in which you move in the gym and the way you perform the stunts. You make the audience think, that what you are doing is a piece of cake, when in reality the movements are really complicated. What is the movement that challenged you the most?

YoH:For the impression you mentioned- if this is what people really think of me, that is great. But I am definitely the kind of person, who needs to work a lot in order to master the movement and I need a lot more tries and repetitions, than most trainees need.

The good thing is that God has granted me with persistence and this really helps me move forward. The acrobatics are the most difficult part of the stunts ( different kind of flips). But still this is my favorite part of the workouts and I really want to improve there. When it comes to acrobatics, the psychological factor is the key!

Yoanna Hristova

IS: It is obvious that you are one of the only girls who do the stunts, but you are definitely doing as good as the men in the group. What makes you come back to every workout?

YoH: As I mentioned above, I’ve been keen on stunting since high school and I feel inner satisfaction after each successful stunt. When I enter the gym, I try not to make the difference between women and men- I am just chasing the best… well I haven’t cached them yet, but when your goals are high, the achievements will be better as well.

This often leads to disappointments- tell you the truth, I’ve had really tough moments, when I failed at something. But as it is with everything else, this has its positive side as well- it helps for your personal growth.

IS: Do you think that more women could try your sport? How would you encourage the,?

YoH: Sure! Everybody could try it. What fascinates me the most about the workouts is the variety. They combine techniques from so many different sports. These workouts could help a person, develop his physical, coordination and psychological capabilities. But stunts hide risks. You could injure yourself pretty bad, so it is really important to listen to your body! But the workouts are structure din a way, that will give you a better knowledge and a sense of if it is your thing or not.As everything in life, you wouldn’t know it if you don’t try it first!

Yoanna Hristova

IS: What would you like to learn to perform in the future ( when it comes to movements)?

YoH: I have a big interest in parkour and sport’s gymnastic. SO I’d like to master as many moves as possible. Actually I think that every sport develops specific qualities, so I’d like to take the most of everything.

IS: How has your life changed since you started practicing stunting? Are you more extreme in your actions in your daily life?

YoH: Stunting is not just a sport. For me it is the main thing I want to do in my life and it had a huge impact on my life. Initially I had some disappointments. As I told you I was really keen on stunts, so I expected to be good at it. But unfortunately it didn’t turn out like this. There were even moments when I couldn’t get a movement, no matter how hard I tried. Usually at the end of a workout I would leave the gym disappointed, but then I was eagerly anticipating the next workout, so I could try again.

When it comes to stunts, it is a bit complicated, because you have o master a lot of things. They combine a variety of elements and it is hard to get better at everything, in the same time. Especially if you do not train additionally. The mind is a key factor, because you need to overcome your instinct for self- care.

For some time, I was  kind of antisocial, because I needed to find a solution. I started reading more, working out more and to work more on my personal and mental growth, because I realized that the one doesn’t exist without the other. So I could definitely say that I am improving.

For sure, people who do not see stunting the way I do, and people who take it as just another sport and a way to entertain, won’t think the same way.

But I am definitely feeling as a wiser person, and with the physical development I receive d a lot of life lessons.

Yoanna Hristova
Yoanna Hristova

Yoanna in action 🙂

IS: How would you finish the sentence, “I work out, because…?”

YoH: I work out, because movement is life!

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And here is a picture of me after my workout yesterday 🙂

Ines Subashka


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