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I am a big fan of sprinting and interval sprint training. I think that most people can benefit a lot if they quit doing the traditional cardio on the machines, and start training more intensely and doing sprints every now and then. But the thing is, I also believe that running does more harm, than good- not because of the nature of the activity itself, but because of the way most people do it- with terrible technique.

For a while, I’ve been following a really inspiring, fit and strong woman, who is the master in teaching you how to run properly and how to become the best endurance athlete, through using proper training and nutritional methods. I was honored when she agreed to give an interview for my blog, so we can get a sneak peek in her tremendous knowledge and rethink everything we’ve believed about running, nutrition and endurance athlete’s training.

So, today I have the opportunity to share with you what Valerie Hunt- the best Pose running coach- had to tell us. Enjoy her knowledge and don’t forget to join my Facebook Page for more useful information.

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.

Valerie Hunt: My name is Valerie Hunt, I’ve been a strength & conditioning coach for over 20 years, started out weightlifting, then added group fitness training and endurance training. I currently own a CrossFit box(HERE) and have a running group called Run ATX(join HERE).

IS: How long have you been involved in endurance training and how has your training method evolved, since you got more into strength and conditioning? To ask it another way, what do you think is the role of strength and conditioning into endurance training?

VH:  I’ve always combined strength & endurance. From 2000-2010 my strength conditioning was mainly body weight & dumbbell exercises. My focus was on racing road races & some triathlons. In 2011, started with CrossFit and added heavy weightlifting into my regiment. Love the results- I’m strong and fast and the workouts have helped me with overall functional strength.

IS:In your opinion how should an endurance athlete train in the gym? 

VH: Yes, endurance athletes need to train in the gym! The ability to hold good position during endurance is dependent on your core/hip strength. Endurance athletes are worried about gaining too much muscle & getting slower, but my clients are only getting faster and stronger.

IS:And what about your nutrition? Do you follow a nutrition plan?

 VH: I follow a low carb, high protein, high fat, high vegetable menu. Lots of greens, avocados, & clean proteins. In the states it’s usually referred to as ‘paleo’ or ‘primal’ eating. Generally, no processed foods, starches and sugars. Most of my clients follow the same plan. Our goal is green and clean I also prefer sweet potatoes as my ‘carb’ for exercise source.

IS: I myself am a proponent of a low carb-high fat diet, and even though I’ve been a swimmer, which is an endurance sport, I perform much better when I lower the carbs and increase the fats. I’d be glad to hear your opinion on the topic. In your experience what do you think is the perfect diet for an endurance athlete?

VH: I believe in Paleo for athletes – high Protein, lots of vegetables, some fruit, high fat (good fat- avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut milk) & starches like sweet potatoes around exercise.

IS:Most people use running as their choice of physical activity. It seems as the easiest and most approachable thing to do. But in my opinion the average person is doing more harm, than good with running. Most people have a terrible running technique, which contributes to more negative consequences from the running session, than positive results. I’d be really happy if you share something like a step by step plan, for those that chose running, but are willing to do it the right way and master the proper technique. ( you could share your videos)

VH: I have been a Pose coach for 13 years, attaining Master Level status in 2010. The goal of Pose is to teach runners proper technique and reduce chance of injury. Having someone teach you the skill of running is the best way to train in the sport of running.

Too many runners are getting injured from poor technique and don’t even know there is a way to train. You can see all of my videos on Facebook RUN ATX or youtube RunATXtv. While I do recommend minimalist footwear please take it slowly. Strength train your feet while learning your new technique.

(Here are some great videos by Valerie, that will help you improve your running technique)

IS:And last but not least… you live in Austin. How does it feel to live in probably one of the fittest cities on Earth? Do you think that the huge fit community you have there i inspiring more and more people to take care of their health and conditioning?

VH: I love living in Austin! Running trails, bike trails, lakes, pools- great weather:-) it’s a great community and we are fortunate to be here! Would love to have you visit sometime!


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Инес Субашка-Ines Subashka

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