Valerie Hunt: Pose Running Technique and Endurance Training Through a Different Perspective

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I am a big fan of sprinting and interval sprint training. I think that most people can benefit a lot if they quit doing the traditional cardio on the machines, and start training more intensely and doing sprints every now and then. But the thing is, I also believe that running does more harm, than good- not because of the nature of the activity itself, but because of the way most people do it- with terrible technique.

For a while, I’ve been following a really inspiring, fit and strong woman, who is the master in teaching you how to run properly and how to become the best endurance athlete, through using proper training and nutritional methods. I was honored when she agreed to give an interview for my blog, so we can get a sneak peek in her tremendous knowledge and rethink everything we’ve believed about running, nutrition and endurance athlete’s training.

So, today I have the opportunity to share with you what Valerie Hunt- the best Pose running coach- had to tell us. Enjoy her knowledge and don’t forget to join my Facebook Page for more useful information. (more…)

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