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You always have time!

If you are like me, probably you always find time to workout. No matter if you have to stay late at the office, if you are stuck in traffic, if it is raining outside, if you have to clean, cook, study or whatever- there is always time for a workout! Unfortunately a big per cent of people, claim that they have the desire to workout, but they could hardly find time to do it. If you are a person with clear, set goals, which require good time management, the excuse “ I do not have time”, rarely works!

Not a few people think, that in order to have a good workout, you need to have a structured program, at least two free hours to stay in the gym, some additional time for all the rituals that follow the workout( I mean what you eat before the workout and after the workout). Truth is that this concerns only professional athletes. If you are a professional swimmer- yea, it would be normal to workout twice a day and meanwhile fit a workout in the weightlifting room. You will probably need to pay more attention to the food and supplements you take.

The problem is that most of you aren’t professional athletes, and have no intention on becoming one! Did you forget why you want to workout? Because you want to be healthy and fit! Well then workout in a way to achieve exactly this!

So what you are supposed to do? At first I want you to realize that your body is a “smart” machine, which can easily adapt to physical activity. If you always do the same thing, workout with the same intensity, and do the same exercises over and over again, your body will adapt and this workout, that worked for you at the beginning won’t have the same results anymore! That is why it would be better if you workout in different ways- one time do shorter and more intense workouts. Next time- longer and less intense. From time to time you could include weights and body weight exercises. Take turns of periods with intense physical activity, followed by rest.

And here comes the question “ How could I know when I am supposed to do all of this?”. Didn’t we already discuss that you are not fighting to get to the Olympic games? All you need to do is, find out how much time you could take for practice today! If you have five minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, or maybe two? Depending on how much time you have, I will give you a couple ideas what workouts you could fit in your schedule, so you could always find time for physical activity and meanwhile achieve your goals to be healthy and fit!

1. Uphill sprints

-place- the park

– time- not more than 25minutes( complete 15 uphill sprints. Rest three times the time it took you to complete the sprint( 30 sec sprint:90 sec rest))

2.  100 burpees for time

– place- at home

-time- between 10-15 minutes

3. Kettlebell swings

-place- at home if the ceiling is higher or in front of the house

– time- about 20 minutes. Complete five rounds of 50 swings with one minute rest after each round.

4. Tabata squats( squat at max speed for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this for 8 times.)

– place- at home

time- 4minutes

5. 5km run

-place-the park, track field

– time-between 20-35 minutes

6. Workout with weights

– place- the gym

-time- between 45-60 minutes

7. A walk in the park

– place- the park

-time- between 45 minutes and an hour

8. Interval sprints

-place- track field, park

– time- 25-30 minutes depending on the intervals.

Losers discuss why they can't!

The examples are endless. The important thing to realize is that you do not need to have half of your day free in order to workout. Where there’s will there’s a way! Next time, when you think you are too busy, ask yourself about your goals! Answer that you want to be healthy and fit! Then ask yourself “ How much time do I have?”. When you answer this question, just pick up a workout that will fit the time you have and get busy working out!

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