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The beautiful Bella Falconi

It’s already Saturday! This week has gone by so fast! Unfortunately I am not feeling my best (physically), because the injury from last week is still torturing me, but I am really motivated and I love my new outlook on life. I realize that two-three weeks are not the end of the world, and I will get back in the gym even stronger and more motivated , than before! So everything is going great and as planned! 😉 Hope you are feeling great as well. Do some squats for me 😉 I’d really appreciate it! Don’t forget to eat clean food during the weekend! Take a walk! Here it is snowing, but I still love spending my time in the park! It is so beautiful and refreshing! 🙂

Meanwhile read my favorite reads of the week! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sets and Reps: Decide What’s Good For You by Rich Thaw

10 Years Down, 10 Lessons Learned

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