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I was thinking that I rarely write about the so called ABS. And most people desperately want to have them. I even think that one of the main things that people want to achieve with a workout program and a diet plan is the nice, defined stomach- abs!

I often hear women, who share with me how they are doing hundreds of sit ups every single day, how they found the best “abs’ program” and other similar things!

I don’t want you to think that I am making fun of somebody, so I will mention that years ago, I was also one of people who thought that if I do 1000 sit ups on a daily basis, I will get the look of a fitness model, from a  cover photo! At times, it seems as if I’ve done every stupidity, that there is out there! I feel like an endless source of examples for how things did NOT work out in the past! 😉

That’s why today I decided to debunk the most common myths on the topic of how to get abs

1.Do as many sit ups as possible

Do sit ups first thing in the morning. Then in the lunch time do 100-200 more sit ups, do 100 more after work, and just to make sure you’ve done enough, before you go to bed, complete a couple more sets of a 100 sit ups!

Ha! I almost believed myself!

I think that the times when people thought that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do some work, then you will succeed, are long gone!

Today, I truly believe that not the quantity of the work done is important, but the quality of the work! That’s why I question the effectiveness of the countless sit ups!

And with the risk to sound fanatic, yes in this case basic, compound movements with adequate weight, are the best thing you could do for your abs! You wonder why? Keep on reading HERE!

2.It doesn’t matter what I eat. What matters is to do my abs’ program and I will succeed

What makes you believe this? Your belly muscles are like all other muscles in your body! If you are interested in workouts and nutrition, you are probably aware that it doesn’t matter how much muscle you have, if it is covered in fat, you have no chance to see the muscle definition!

The same is true for your abs! In order to see them you should get rid of the unwanted fat, that is covering them! And how does that happen? Probably you are aware that this can happen with the proper nutrition! So instead of wasting your energy on tenths of sets of sit ups, put that energy in the kitchen and prepare some delicious, healthy meals!

3.Cardio and sit ups are the key to your abs

If you really believe this, I wish you luck, but you are not gonna see your abs! It is about time to realize that weight training, with high intensity and good nutrition, stand behind the success of each body composition goal you have!

I don’t care if you spend an hour on the treadmill, nothing beats a 45 minute of intense, weight training session!

4.You can’t have abs.Everything comes up to genetics and you don’t have the right genes

Снимка: http://www.styleforum.net

The only role that genetics plays in this case, comes up to the shape of your muscles.  But that’s about it! After that everything comes up to you! It’s not genetics, which makes you eat donuts for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner! It is not genetics, which makes you sit in front of the PC, admiring the abs of the fitness models, instead of educating yourself and choosing the best way to actually get these abs!

Stop throwing the towel in somebody’s else hands! There are hundreds of examples of people,who spend the first half of their lives, believing the notion that they have bad genes and that they can never get the dreamed body, and today they are on top of the ranks, among the best beach bodies in the world!

5.I can’t have abs, because I have lower back problems and I can’t train my stomach muscles

Wrong! Did you know that part of the secret behind a strong and healthy lower back, are exactly the strong muscles on your belly? Abs are the core of your body. Actually a lot of spinal problems, come from the weak torso. Abdominal muscles are those, which hold the body. As I mentioned they are the key to a good posture! So if the most important element of the structure is weak, this will make your body “break” and you will “shrink”.

Somewhere I read that “ the core of the body has one main function and it is to keep the spine save”. This is very well said and it is the mere truth! The spine should be kept save, so the body can function properly. That’s why we should make sure that we are doing our best, and by this I mean that we are keeping our abdominal and lower back muscles strong!

And if you think that you can’t train your abdominals without having lower back pain, this means you are not training properly! I agree that traditional abdominal exercises, that most people perform are not the best option, but if you choose your exercises led by the philosophy of doing functional movements, I assure you that you can’t go wrong and you will be amazed with your results!

So what are you supposed to do?

Train with basic, compound movements. Read HERE to find out how to structure your workout. Use less reps, with heavier weights! Thus you will use your abdominal muscles, for what they were meant to do and they will return you the favor by getting stronger!

And how to make them look defined? Well forget about the 90 day diet, about the water and lemon diet, the fruit juice at moonlight, oh, and let me not forget, don’t touch the maple syrup! Just start eating real food- meat, eggs,fish,veggies,avocado,olives,butter.

Stick to the rule, that if your food has more than 3-4 ingredients; if it comes in a fancy package and if your grandma finds it hard to pronounce the words on the lable, this means it is not supposed to be eaten!


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Ines Subashka
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  1. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the
    nail on the head. The issue is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy that I found this in my search for something regarding this.

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