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The other day a reader, wrote me a message with the following statement: “ I see that you are eating a high fat- low carb diet. How do you have strength to work out? I tried eating this way, but I felt so weak and tired, and I have no strength!”

After we talked a little bit, it turned out that she didn’t eat the way I do. She just removed the carbs from her standard diet- that was already low-fat; high-protein diet. Thus, she left mainly proteins in her diet!

I know that I might bore you, but you should realize that your body’s fuel are either carbs or fats. If you exclude both from your diet, you can’t expect your body to function properly and you can’t expect to feel better!

That’s why today, I’d like to pay attention to some mistakes, which most people( and mainly women) make, when they transition to a high fat- low carb diet!

You cut your carb intake, but you do not add more fats

This is one of the biggest mistakes! I know that for a person, who has listened all his life how bad fats are, how they clog your arteries and how they will raise your cholesterol, and how they will stick on your butt and thighs, it is hard to  make the mind switch just for a day and start eating more fats, without feeling any guilt!

But if you do not start adding more eggs with the yolks, butter, pork meat, olives, bacon and so forth, soon, you will start feeling weak and your healthy will probably suffer instead of getting better!

I know that it is hard, when you keep in mind that until yesterday you ran from bacon, like the devil runs from the incense, to open the fridge, grab the fat and add it to your scrambled eggs, but you could try another approach, which will be easier on your mind!

Start eating eggs with yolks! Stop eating egg whites like crazy and throwing the yolks to the dog, that is waiting on the front porch! I remember that once I read, how when a yolk hits the bottom of the trash can (i.e. you throw it), the mother Earth, starts crying! So don’t make it cry! 😉

Start adding fats, under the form of olives and avocado.

Substitute chicken breasts, with chicken thighs with the skin and some pork meat.

Then add more butter, more fatty cuts of meat and of course my favorite bacon!

You get maniacal on the topic of carbs

Yes, I also consider that carbs aren’t the best pick, BUT it depends what you mean by carbs. Once a woman confessed, how once she ate a carrot and then she felt guilt, that she ruined her diet! Can you imagine that- a WHOLE carrot! What a shame! I think the end of the world came before December, 21st! 😉

There isn’t anything wrong with you wanting to do things the right way, but when you exaggerate and become maniac, things go the wrong direction! Just because you ate a vegetable that has a color, which is different from green, does not mean that you failed your diet, or that you “overdosed” the carbs!

Remember that if you want to make the high fat- low carb diet, your lifestyle, you should stay away from being maniacal! Otherwise your mind is gonna betray you sooner or later! If you feel like eating a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, well go ahead and eat that tomato!  It’s not a big deal! Nothing bad is gonna happen! It won’t stick on your butt!

For example I love red peppers and I often add them to my breakfast of mushrooms and eggs, but this does not interfere with my progress! After all you are not about to eat 10 pounds of carrots or tomatoes!

You keep on eating 5-6 times a day in the wrong quantities

This is a knife with two edges! There are two variations- you either eat 5-6 times a day, in scarce quantities or when you add enough fats, you start eating too often and too much. In both cases it doesn’t turn out the way you want it!

That’s why, as I wrote last week (read HERE), it is far better to start eating 3-4 times a day! Make your portions big enough, so they can satisfy your hunger and so you won’t think about food all day long! Don’t forget that when fats are your main source of fuel, you will stop going through blood sugar highs and crashes and you won’t feel like eating every two hours. I think that beside the tasty food I eat, by following a high fat-low carb diet, the part with not having blood sugar crashes is my other favorite thing!

Before that I felt really stressed, thinking about food all the time. And today I feel great, going without food for more than 4-5 hours and I don’t feel the panic, that I am gonna die from starvation!

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What are some of the mistakes you used to make when you started eating a high fat- low carb diet?


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