The Biggest Mistakes You Make When You Start Eating a Low Carb Diet

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The other day a reader, wrote me a message with the following statement: “ I see that you are eating a high fat- low carb diet. How do you have strength to work out? I tried eating this way, but I felt so weak and tired, and I have no strength!”

After we talked a little bit, it turned out that she didn’t eat the way I do. She just removed the carbs from her standard diet- that was already low-fat; high-protein diet. Thus, she left mainly proteins in her diet!

I know that I might bore you, but you should realize that your body’s fuel are either carbs or fats. If you exclude both from your diet, you can’t expect your body to function properly and you can’t expect to feel better!

That’s why today, I’d like to pay attention to some mistakes, which most people( and mainly women) make, when they transition to a high fat- low carb diet!

You cut your carb intake, but (more…)

What to Expect from a High Fat, Low Carb Diet and How to Adapt to It

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I constantly tell you how you should eat real food and how it would be good for you if you eat less carbs and more healthy fats. A couple weeks ago I tried to debunk some of the myths about low carb diets and I hope that now you are aware, that if you eat enough fats, limiting carbs won’t hurt you!

But so far, I have never told you what to expect, when you transition to a low carb, high fat diet. And from my own experience and observations, I found out that beginning is always the hardest, and the first two weeks after the change of your diet are determinative, for the outcome- i.e. if you are gonna keep on eating good or the withdrawal at the beginning is gonna make you quit!

In other words, today I will try to sum up, what to expect during the first one to two weeks after going on a ketone diet( low carb, high fat diet). (more…)

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