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It is said that adults can learn from kids how to live better… how to be always happy with no reason…always busy with something and always striving for what they truely want. I think that we can learn a lot more from kids if we paid closer attention to their actions. Today I want to suggest you a couple things we can learn from children in order to be in good shape!

1. Children are always busy with something– have you seen a little child, sitting on the couch eating chips just because it is bored? I have never seen such a scene!

Children always have “work” to do and are always active. Whether they run in front of the house, on the stairs, in the room- they are always moving. And what do we do? We limit ourselves to a couple routine activities and when we are not busy with them, we are bored. In life there are so many things we could try and learn.

There is always an activity which will correspond with our momentum mood or physical capacity and it will keep us away from boredom. Just search for it! Stop sitting on the couch, staring at a dot on the wall!

2. Children always eat slowly– two years ago I used to work as a nanny. I remember that at times when the children were having lunch, it looked like eternity. They always took the time to chew carefully each bite they put in their mouth. No matter how much somebody is rushing them, they just don’t care and keep eating slowly. An instinct or not, this is the right way to eat.

The speed with which we are eating, influences the hormones which control the satiety. When we eat fast, the releasing of these hormones is less compared to the release of the hormone greline- which is responsible for feeling hungry. On the other hand, when we eat slower- the two hormones which make us feel full are released.

Thus, if we eat fast, we will need more food in order to satisfy our hunger. I know that nowadays we live on the speed. Sometimes we can’t even find time to eat something or that is what we say. Personally I always find time to eat .

That’s why it would be nice to get an example from kids and understand that ten minutes left for eating won’t take us that much from our precious ,busy day!

3. Children rest when they feel tired- even though they are really active, children are also human beings. Unlike adults though, they always take the time to rest in order to recharge their batteries. It doesn’t matter what’s the rest- whether they sit down or take a nap- they take the time needed to rest and then full of energy keep jumping, running and etc. As it is said “ the rest gives birth to the champion”.

I think it wouldn’t be bad to learn from this right instinct children have. Usually when we feel tired, we force our bodies to keep up living on the speed as we are used to and finally we just burn and crash. We get to the point where we are supposed to  take a long and unplanned rest.

And what could happen if we just take the time to rest a little but more often? Calm down! The world won’t come to an end if you take one hour a week to sit on a bench in the park or sleep a little longer. This will only help you concentrate and gather strength in order to be more productive!

4. Children stop eating when they are full– no matter what you serve them, you won’t see a child, eating till its stomach hurts, just because it tastes good! Doesn’t matter if it is Pop Tarts, chocolate or whatever kids “consider” delicious- if a child feels full, it will leave the dessert!


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