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One of the main arguments people use when it comes to healthy eating is: “I can’t eat healthy. It is plane and boring.”

My education, wouldn’t allow me to say: “ Learn to cook and it will become interesting and tasty.” That’s why I try to explain it in a more tactic way. I tell people that there are so many varieties of meats, which could be prepared in a different way; a variety of veggies, which contribute for the taste of different dishes; an abundance of spices and herbs, which change the taste and bring for the feeling of satiety.

What does boring food mean?

What does boring food mean? Why do most people think that healthy eating I boring? Probably, because an apple doesn’t need a fancy package, which attracts attention; probably because an egg looks the same way and it doesn’t need to be branded, in order to carry not just the taste, but also the emotion that we attach to eating a particular, branded product.

I love the argument: “It is boring.” I love when somebody tells me that as if healthy eating is supposed to include a variety of foods, and the bases of it are eggs, meat, fish, veggies, fruits and spices.


Have you ever thought about what you are eating right now? Is it really that diverse? Just because the product you consume today has one name, it doesn’t mean that the product you ate yesterday was any different – when it comes to its ingredients and the information it carries to your body.

Pizza, donut, cinnamon bread, pretzels and you name it… a huge variety… of names, but not of ingredients. All the names I listed contain flour, vegetable oils, dairy products, eggs, salt, sugar and spices.

Have you noticed that the only difference are spices and the small addition of one ingredient or another, which actually change the taste? Either you will add poppy seeds, sesame seeds or if you actually add sugar to the dough and spread some chocolate on top, the basic ingredients stay the same.

You eat a variety of packaged desserts, which contain the same ingredients. The only variety comes from the package and the brand, not the ingredients. Go ahead and check it yourself. Read the labels of different foods, and you will notice that all of them contain the same ingredients. Yet, we fool ourselves that we eat variety of foods.

If you cook often, you probably know that most of the doughy desserts, have the same,  basic recipe and the rest are just some modifications and adjustments of the spices, that actually add up for the different taste.

What is hidden behind the “variety” of ingredients?

If I have to sum up the products, that most people eat in order to bring for “variety” in their nutrition, I’d list them like this:




-vegetable oils

-sweeteners and artificial colors

-dried milk

-powdered eggs

-different sausages

HUGE variety!

If you can create the idea of variety that you have, just from a handful of these ingredients, then what is stopping you from doing the same with healthy foods?

What is stopping you from achieving it with real products that do not bring harm for your health?


Everything you need to do is learn how to cook. You need to know that 2-3 eggs, can be cooked in a hundred ways ( here are 21 recipes) and you will never feel like you are eating plane, boring food.

You need to know that you have so many types of meat, that could be cooked and marinated in different ways, with different spices and different garnishes and you will never feel like you are eating boring food.

You need to realize that the sea, river and ocean, offer an abundance of seafood, which has variety, it is delicious and not boring or plane.

You need to discover the abundance of spices and learn how to use them in cooking, so you can make your food different.

Isn’t the argument “it is plane and boring” just another try of your mind to keep you in your comfort zone, forcing you to play the role of a victim and excuse yourself why you are not who you’d like to become?

They say that eating eggs every day is unhealthy. Have you thought how many eggs are in the grain and doughy foods that you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I am sure that they are not less, than the quantity of eggs I eat in a day.

I’ve done it as well! I used to think that eating eggs, fish, meat, organ meats, on a daily basis is plane and boring .I allowed my mind to sabotage me. Then, I decided that I will put o a scale my former eating habits, together with the healthy eating habits, and I realized that the effort is just the same. I realized that, anyways, I was eating the same foods – they were just packed in a different way. The difference was that one food, doesn’t give our body what it needs, and that it doesn’t help it feel and look astonishing, and the other food makes me feel like an experiment mouse, which is swallowing a bunch of chemicals ( carrying the names of food).

Healthy eating is fun and full of variety Do not fool yourself that you have a big choice of food, when you don’t eat healthy! You eat the same foods. Every day. The only difference is in the package and the brand.

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