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Over the past three months, I’ve written close to a hundred articles. Today I decided to pick some of the best articles and put them together in one! Below you will see the name of the article and a short summary! If you want to read the whole article just click on its title!

1. You can’t fix a body you hate

Truth is that you can’t fix a body you hate! True beauty comes from loving yourself! When you feed your mind with negativity and self-hate, you are interfering with your progress!Your problem is hidden somewhere deeper. It might be your insecurity! Your denial to change your mindset,the denial to face your fears or chase your dreams,addressing it towards changing your body!

2. Workouts for people working in an office

Probably your work involves a lot of sitting? You feel sick, everything hurts and you would like to workout, but you think that you do not have time? See how you could be more active wherever you are!

3. 5 reasons why beautiful women lift weights

Are you a slave to the common knowledge that women aren’t supposed to lift weights? Do you think that workouts like this will make you look bulky or look like a man? See why you are wrong and how weights could help you!

4. The mirror in your head…the skeleton in your closet

If you are a person who is so lost in the higly demanding world, in all the information and expectations that are poured on us daily, that you pretty much twist your image, what you truely are, and consider yourself never good enough or beautiful enough, then read this article and quit destroying yourself, striving for perfection!

5. Squats: Why it is a MUST to do them and how to perform them properly!

Are squats part of your workout? If not, then this article is for you! Read it and see what you are missing!

6. You are more than a number

How often do you compare your attractiveness to the number on the scale? How often do you let that useless number to make you feel down and lower your self esteem?  See why it is about time o throw the scale and put the pressure behind!

7. 10 habits, fit people have

Do you wonder how some people manage to be fit? You are dying to have a body like theirs, but somehow you never get there? See how your habits, defer from the habits fit people have!

8. I used to be…

I used to long for the pounds on the scale to decrease, now I long for the pounds on the bar to increase! I used to…

9.The best advice I ever received

Did you ever get a single advice that changed your life? Check out what was the advice, that changed my view of life and people!

10.Kettlebell swing:the priceless exercise

Did you ever wonder if there is a single exercise that you could do, and get the most out of it? See what is one of the best exercises you could do, but you are still not including in your workouts!

11. Calcium and how am I still alive if I don’t consume dairy

Do you think that dairy products are the best resource of calcium? Do you think that calcium is the key to good health? See why you are wrong and what you could do to improve your health!

12. Don’t identify yourself with your work

What is hidden behind attachment? Too much love or a big dose of fear? How your habit to attach to people and situations in your life is just harming you!

13.Grains- why are they slowly killing you

Do you think that grains are healthy; that they are a must in everybody’s diet? What  if the food you call healthy is actually killing you?

14. A couple things you should see before start working out

If you are a person who doesn’t believe in words, see the visual version of how you could look depending on the choice you make in the gym and in the kitchen!

15. The chicken legs syndrome

What is your workout like? Do you neglect your legs? Then you are probably suffering from the chicken legs syndrome! Check out what it is and how you could cure it!

16.Eggs and cholesterol- who is the bad guy?

Are you afraid of eating more than two eggs a week? Are you a slave to the myth that eggs will lead to high cholesterol? Read this article and see eggs in a whole new perspective!

17. How you could always find time for workout

How often do you make excuses for skipping workouts? Probably you do not have enough time? Read how you could always fit a workout in your busy schedule!

18. 5 reasons why you are not eating healthy

You want to eat healthy, but you kind of never manage to do it? Read what hides behind your failure in healthy eating!

19. How often do you feel part of something bigger than yourself

When was the last time your heart filled with happiness and pride, not because of your own accomplishments, but because of the accomplishment of somebody else?

20. Don’t have time to workout? Try Tabata!

You don’t have time to workout but you still wanna be fit? Check out how!

21. How to reject food politely

How often do you feel guilty for rejecting food? How often do you step off your healthy diet , just because you do not wanna offend anybody? Check out how you could change that!

22. I workout because…

I do overhead squats, so when life is giving me a hard time, I can hold on to the pressure for one more day, a week or a month. I do…

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