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In my last post, I explained you what is the reason for the accelerated aging process. I explained you the reasons for diseases, which just a few decades ago were considered diseases of aging, but unfortunately, nowadays are the common illnesses among young people.

I introduced you to the so called AGEs- the advanced glycation end products or in other words the end result of the modification of molecules by gucose.

I explained you how AGEs are being formed in the body and how they are a consequence of eating too many carbs, and the peak of your blood sugar levels, that accompany such carb loads. I hinted that there is another source of AGEs- an exogenous source.

Now I will surprise you, by saying that the exogenous source of AGEs is food and to be more precise, animal products. Before you think that I’ve totally lost it and that I am insane, read the whole post.

As always, the coin has two sides. One thing might be good from one point of view, but ten it might even become unhealthy, if we do not use it, in our case eat it prepared the right way.

I am gonna make a slight lyrical diversion and I will mention that back in the days I used to love eating overcooked meat- let’s say really brown, almost burnt meat. When I used to watch some culinary TV shows, I was always perplexed how would somebody eat a rear steak.

As time goes by, and the healthier I started eating, the more my taste changed and the more I started loving my food, as close to its natural state, as possible.

I stopped liking overcooked meat and I started liking my steaks rear or medium at the most.

The more I read and the more time passes, the more I realize that traditions and recipes from the past, that have been preserved in our century, have a way deeper meaning.

The recipes, were not a result from the fact that a grandma was bored and decided to take everything that was available in the fridge and combine it in a meal.

The recipes were created with intention and a lot of knowledge. The nutrients were combined in a way, that allows our body to digest the food easily, and in the same time the meals were really nutritious. They really nourished our health.

I will stop here, and I will mention, that in the near future, I am gonna write a post about nutrition, traditions and the reason behind combining particular foods.

For the purpose of this post, I just wanted to say that I now understand why back in days, people preferred eating rear beef steaks.

The reason, as I mentioned, is called AGEs. Animal products, become the richest, EXOGENOUS source of AGEs, when they undergo a thermal processing, under high temperatures. Frying really contributes to higher percent AGEs.

Some time ago, I read an interesting study, about diabetics, where the subjects were divided in two groups. They were fed the same foods. The only difference was that the animal products of the first group were fried or broiled for about 20 minutes, and the animal products of the other group were boiled or steamed for 10 minutes.

What I am trying to say is that the animal products, themselves, are not unhealthy. The improper way of cooking them is what takes their qualities away.

All kind of processed meats, that you can buy from the supermarket, have lots of AGEs, due to their processing, not due to the fact they are animal products.

That’s another proof, that there isn’t anything healthier than home cooked food.

As I mentioned in my last week’s post, the biggest influence, when it comes to accelerated AGEs formation, should be credited to endogenous sources. In other words, chronically elevated blood sugar levels.

I bet that even if you are sleeping, and somebody asks, you will answer, that carbs are the macronutrient that increases blood sugar levels.

I will just mention, that this doesn’t mean, you should avoid carbs, as a devil avoids thyme. If you eat a piece of squash, you won’t get wrinkles and you won’t be stroke by diseases of the elder.

Still, the diet of most people, has carbs in abundance- a bunch of wheat products ( read here why wheat products are actually not as healthy, as they make them to be), rice, junk foods.

It is important to say, that wheat products contain amylopectin. To be more accurate they contain amylopectin A, which is the form of complex carbs, most readily digested by amylase- the enzyme, which participates in the digestion of carbs.

This in turn, leads to a high peak of blood sugar levels, which as you already understood last week, means an accelerated formation of AGEs- which leads to accelerated aging and welcomes a bunch of diseases.

For those of you, who have the incline to take everything literally, I will just mention that everything written in the post, comes up to CHRONICALLY elevated blood sugar and to a constant consumption of carbs- such where carbs are the main fuel source.

A I love to read and I often encounter interesting facts, I will tell you more about diabetics and why people who have diabetes have problems with their eyes; why aging is accompanied by problems with vision and why “the modern diet” could be the reason so many people need glasses from a really young age.

Eye lenses are something like optical devices. They allow us to see. When there is some kind of disturbance in the structure of the lenses, then light can’t pass through the lenses normally and there is some defects in the vision.

Lenses consist of structural proteins, which together with other proteins in our bodies, are under glycation. When these proteins are glycated, AGEs are being formed, and the higher quantity of these products leads to the formation of cross-links, which accumulate together.

These leads to defects in the eye lenses, which in turn are accompanied by problems with vision.

The chronic formation of these cross-links and their accumulation, leads to more problem with the vision.

I already mentioned that there are some normal limits of the production of AGEs, which are a result of the normal process of aging. Problems arise when the quantity of ages, goes beyond these limitations.

There are different type of tests for establishing the quantity of AGEs in your body. Some of them are hard to apply and they are not recommended for use by the average person.

There is that test, which measures the percentage of hemoglobin molecules in the blood, that have been glycated. This gives an idea about how the glucose, have influenced the body through the last 60-90 days.

Hemoglobin is a protein in the red blood cells. As I said all proteins in the body could be glycated. That means the test for the glycated hemoglobin, could say a lot about the state of other proteins in the body.

The higher is the rate of glycated protein, the higher is the possibility that all other proteins in your body are undergoing the same thing. As a consequence this leads to a higher rate of AGEs formation.

This is just another proof, that the food we eat matters and that our lifestyle either contributes to our body’s degeneration, or it provides it a normal lifestyle and an acceptable rate of aging. ( I recommend you read this confession about food and its importance)

AGEs have an endogenous and exogenous sources.

The richest exogenous source of AGEs are animal products, BUT just if you don’t cook them properly. That’s why you should avoid buying processed meats from the supermarket.

The endogenous source of AGEs is the higher blood sugar, which is a consequence of eating carbs. That’s why my advice is to rethink the carb feasts, the diet based on grains and junk foods.

And even though scientific explanations, sometimes could be perplexing for people who are not really into that area of knowledge, I will tell you that you can forget everything you just read!

Just avoid the inner lines of the store. Always try to buy real products, from a farm or somebody else who is growing food at home.

Eat more eggs, fish, meat, homemade dairy products and greens. Your body and health will be thankful!


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