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Evolution of man...as we want it to be-fit, healthy and functional!

Some time ago somebody on my friend’s list in facebook, posted a picture, called the evolution of man. It is the picture that follows our evolution till we become really fit. As I saw it, I remembered about another picture that I have in my archives. It is the picture which follows our evolution till we became obese. So I decided to compare both of them and express my conclusions.

You know how life is a cycle. We go through experiencing immense joy and tearing pain. We are never stuck in one place…feelings change, times change, our life changes… In philosophy they say that change is the only constant we could be sure of!  I guess that most of you have gone through times in life when you hit rock bottom. But to understand it better let’s define what rock bottom is! It’s generally when you lose everything and everybody you care about. When you feel you have nothing more to lose. When you hit rock bottom strong feelings of despair, hopelessness, regret and self- pity start overtaking you. You somehow feel like the life was robbed out of your body and you have no strength to keep on going. You feel like it couldn’t be worse, and that right there is the moment when you realize that only when you lose everything, you can truly feel free to achieve anything! That’s when you take your life in your hands and start building your future with the stones that were thrown at you!

So how does that refer to the evolution of man! Well, let’s talk a little about our ancestors! We can’t be sure about how they lived, we could only suggest some hypothesis, but what we know for sure is that they were a lot healthier and active then we are today. None of the modern diseases were familiar to them. They didn’t live a life in the hospital; they didn’t take a handful of pills just to get through the day alive; they didn’t depend on somebody taking care of them, because they were so sick, they couldn’t even take care of themselves… they didn’t play PC games all night long; they didn’t watch TV shows in order to kill the boredom; they didn’t need meters of fabric, for their clothes, because they couldn’t fit all their fat in less.

Evolution of man up until today!

Instead they were really active; fit and healthy. Probably if a primal man saw us today, he’d be rolling on the ground laughing at how pathetic we look. We brag about our inventions, about being the cherry on top of the cake, compared to other living creatures and in the same time we are dying because of our greedy, glutton characters. We belittle our life to an existence relevant to satisfying our fads! We are sicker than ever, more obese than ever, sadder than ever!

So in terms of definitions, I guess we hit the rock bottom of evolution. The last decade we see some light in the darkness, as more people start talking about eating healthier, being more active and just caring more about our health. Does that look familiar? Like when  you hit rock bottom in life, and it seems you have nothing more to lose…you start analyzing the past, what and when something went wrong and slowly start moving up again. I think that this is exactly what is happening with our evolution. Slowly but surely, more people start hitting the weights; more people start eating real food; more people become fit, strong and functional.

That’s what makes me believe, that the evolution from the picture, where most of us will be fit and healthy will be a fact in the future. It will be a slow process for sure, but to spread the “ fit flue” around the world it has to start from somewhere! Why not start from me and you? Why not making better food choices, why not be the change we want to see in the world! Stop thinking that one person can’t change the world. Because we can! Start making little changes and one day everything will add up to the big change we want to see! Be the change! Be fit! Eat real food! Be healthy!

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Ines Subashka

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    Greetings! Really valuable guidance on this informative article! It really is the small adjustments that make the largest alterations. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!

    1. Ines Subashka

      Glad you liked it! I am happy you share my point of view. Hope you are also one of us who are trying to make a difference just by changing ourselves! 🙂
      Cheers, Ines!

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