Katerina Rangelova: Healthy Eating, Life and Sport Through The Eyes of A Culinary Expert

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Прекрасната Катя! :)
The beautiful Katerina! 🙂

Sometimes, there is something special about people. You stare at them and you are trying to figure out exactly what is it. What is it that makes them so magnetic, wonderful, important and significant?  No matter how long you stare, you can never find exactly one specific reason. Just because there isn’t such. What makes these people so special is their whole essence, their whole personality.

The passion, the desire, the drive with which they go though life. The inspiration they have- the key spice that helps them turn every moment into a masterpiece.

My guest today is this kind of person. Her name is Katerina Rangelova and she definitely knows how to turn every moment into a masterpiece and each food into an art and a  tasty meal.

I invited Katerina to share some of her unique, healthy recipes; share more about “the secrets”of healthy cooking and tell us how sport, healthy eating and taking care of her body was welcomed into her life.

IS:Introduce yourself

KR: Hi!  My name is Katerina Rangelova and I’m author of the blog Sugarmouse. In my blog I share all about my favorite hobbies – cooking, painting and DIY projects, but definitely lately the cooking recipes prevail.

I’m very pleased to be your virtual guest, Ines, thank you for the invitation!  When I go visit someone, I like to bring something sweet for the hosts, but as far as I know you’re not a big fan of desserts. So I prepared a little different “cupcakes” for you, I hope you like it (more…)

A Delicious Healthy Dip for Boiled Eggs

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My clients know how to eat 😉

This week, thanks to one of my beautiful clients- Alisa, I will share with you a delicious and easy recipe, which will bring more variety to your regular boiled eggs! Here, I want to say big thank you to Alisa, for her hard work during the past year. She has made a tremendous progress in the gym, she has become leaner and more athletic and it has been a pleasure to coach her and eyewitness her journey to a healthier and fitter life!

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Mocha Cookies

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It is time for another delicious recipe! This was an idea of my mother. We prepared these cookies for my birthday last week. My best friend totally loved him, actually he ate almost all of them! 😉 I bet you are gonna love them too so get busy cooking! And here is how to prepare them!

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Strawberry Smoothie

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Image source: http://www.healthydrinkrecipes.org

It is the season of delicious fruits! There is no better dessert than a fresh fruit. But if it sounds lame to you, you could make it taste even better, by preparing a tasty smoothie. I experimented with this strawberry smoothie and it is a great pick if you need to eat something sweet! So throw away the chocolate and prepare this healthy smoothie!

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Healthy Fruit Pizza

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Image: http://www.rhodesbread.com

Everybody loves pizza, right? 😉 Especially when it is healthy and especially when it is a “sweet” pizza! Today’s recipe is easy as usual but surely tastes delicious. Besides that it is easy to experiment with your immagination and decorate it as you’d like!

Ingredients: (more…)

Favorite Reads of the Week: 04/14/12

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 Hey, everybody! Are you ready to get busy reading some great articles? This week’s list of my favorite articles is great! There are a lot of outstanding and helpful articles. Make sure to take the time and read them! You won’t be sorry!

First, (more…)

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