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Thanks to everybody who sends me messages with great recipes and everybody who wants to be part of my culinary column. I was sure that you will send me great ideas for healthy recipes and more than everything, I love your kind words. Thank you for all your time and interest. This week, I will share with you, the wonderful letter send to me by Irina Cankova, as well as, her delicious recipe for chocolate cake. If you want to share your favorite healthy recipe, check out how to do it HERE.

Hello, Ines!

The main reason I am writing you is your culinary column. Besides that, I’ve been reading your articles with a big curiosity. I find the information really useful and important for people who want to develop their own self and achieve results. Personally, you are a big motivation for me and sometime you play the role of that silent, inner voice, which encourages me and gives me strength to keep going and remind myself why I even started. And I am not talking, just, about working out, but about life as a whole. Thank you that you chose to share your ideas and your experience. Without even knowing you, I can see in every word you write that you’ve found yourself. Reading your articles, I manage to feel your emotion. There are moments, when I find myself in your words, and this is more than amazing.

Let’s get back on the culinary column.

My name is Irina Cankova and I am 26 years old. I am about the finish my Master’s degree in regional development and Politics.” Being healthy has always been a passion of mine. I’ve never been the kind of an athletic person. There was a moment in my life, when I almost fell in the trap of eating disorders, Then,I realized that I was on the wrong path and that I had to change something.

The beautiful Irina :)
Прекрасната Ирина Цанкова 🙂

I made the effort to change my lifestyle and my habits and I saw results. Now I love it. Truth is that something seems impossible, until you actually start doing it. Then you raise the bar and you keep moving up.

When it comes to nutrition, I am happy that I realized some things on time and I managed to change my habits. I think that it is never late to change your lifestyle, but the sooner you do it, the better. Besides that you should never be the kind of person that gives everything in just one direction. Truth is that you shouldn’t just do the things properly, you should do the RIGHT things properly! The biggest fight that I lead is with my own self. There were moments, that no matter how clean I used to eat, a chocolate came by and everything turned upside down. I was torturing myself that I cannot resist the temptation and I felt like  a failure.

Turned out, that the decision has always been in front of my eyes, but it took me time to notice it. Thus, in one moment I decided that I can eat sweets but in another form. I started looking for healthy desserts, without gluten and sugar. Initially I was a little bit skeptical. I thought that this type of desserts wouldn’t be sweet and tasty. But even my first healthy dessert, proved that it is even more delicious than processed treats. Now I spend a lot of time, cooking all kind of healthy desserts and constantly experimenting. I decided to share my recipe for a chocolate dessert with chocolate cream.

 Ingredients for the base:

5-6 dates and 1 table spoon honey ( pit the dates and blend them)

2 table spoons flax flour

2 table spoons curds

2 table spoons cocoa

Cinnamon and vanilla


Stir the eggs. Add the pitted and blended dates. Stir, then add curds, flour, cocoa and spices. You will get a really thick mixture. In case it doesn’t turn out thick, ass more curds, or more cocoa, depending on your taste.

When I prepare the cake, I use 2-3 crusts. These are the ingredients for just one.

Bake it for about 20 minutes in a preheated oven. I use baking paper.

The chocolate cream:


1-2 bananas

1 table spoon tahini

1 table spoon cocoa


Blend the bananas with a little bit water. Add tahini and cocoa. Stir well, until you get a smooth mixture.

Spread the cream evenly between the crusts. Use some shredded coconut or nuts for decoration.

Ines, once again thank you for your help, ideas and for everything you do.

Keep doing what you love. Always keep that smile, positivism and happiness!

All the best,

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One picture of me and a video of me practicing my handstand push-ups 🙂

Ines Subashka

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Ines Subashka

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