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The beautiful Evgeniq Doichinova

How was your week? While you are reading this I am probably already traveling to the most beautiful place on Earth, where I go every year for the Easter holidays! I can’t wait to get there, sit on the shore of the river and read a book… then take a long walk and enjoy the nature.

Meanwhile, here is the list with my favorite reads for the week! Enjoy!

First, the articles on InspiredFitStrong for the past week in case you’ve missed something:

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One Exercise I Changed My Mind About!

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Pork Steaks with Mushrooms and Fresh Spices

And now my favorite reads for the week:

30 Signs That You Are a Gym Rat

Your Fiercest Competitor

Interview with Lauren Brooks

How Kettlebells Have Changed My Life

7 Things to Talk about with Crossfitters Besides Crossfit

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AC Discusses Squats

How Yoga Can Compliment Weight Training

Four Simple Habits

Guest Post: How a Plaeo Style Diet Changed My Life

Q&A: Post Workout Shower

Fixing Your Early Arm Bend Issues

6 Truths about Squats

10 Signs That You Are a Writer


Remember We Do This for Fun

Anatomy Lesson: Foot and Ankle ( задължително прочетете)

Five Muscle Building Mistakes and What To Do About Them

The Icing On The Cake

AC Discusses The Deadlift

Questions Disney Forgot to Answer About The Beauty and The Beast

Fitness and Stress

3 Fixes for The Hip Hinge

Increasing Your Athleticism

Hamstrings and Squats

Have Your Beer and Your Social Life and Your Abs

Joint Mechanics and The Hip

Sagittal Plane Still Matters

How to Evolve Like a Champ

The Benefit of The Barbell

7 Ways Your Meat Isn’t Paleo

Crossfit Injuries and How to Avoid Them

10 Things You Must Give Up to Be Successful

I Was Astounded at How Quickly The Weight Came Off and Stayed Off

Decide For Yourself by Ross Enamait

To the Day Periodization? by Wil Fleming

Strength Coach Podcast Episode 122

Eyeballing Portion Sizes by Sean Hyson

Coaching Cues to Make Your Program More Effective by Eric Cressey

25 Mistakes 25 Years by Mike Boyle

Tony Gentilcore on deadlifting

Foam Rolling and Increased Joint ROM by Patrick Ward

Century Sets by John Romaniello

3 S’s for Stronger Knees by Mike Robertson

My Philosophy of Fitness by Brad Pilon

Is Faster Always Better? by Chad Waterbury

5/3/1 and Rest-Pause Training by Jim Wendler

The Zombie Diet by TC Luoma

2 Big Mistakes by Tony Gentilcore

How to Build Size and Strength Simultaneously by Charles Staley

Don’t End Up Like This D-Bag by Jason Ferruggia

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better by Greg Robins

How to Do Sumo Deadlifts by Bret Contreras

Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Lumbosacral Pain as it Relates to the Hip Thrust and Glute Bridge by Dr. Conrad Stalheim

Reducing Injuries in Athletics by John Grace

5 Reasons Your Glutes Aren’t Growing by the Martinez Brothers

Interview with Dan John

Sagittal Plane Still Matters! by Mike Robertson

Self-limiting Exercise by Alwyn Cosgrove

Prone Plank Push-Pull by Tony Gentilcore

5 Levels of Leadership by Ron McKeefery

Secrets to Mastering the Squat by Molly Galbraith

Fix Your Hips by Smitty Diesel

How to Incorporate Jump Training Into Your Program by Joe Defranco

Routines Are Great. So Are Changes to Routines by Dean Somerset

ITYW by Dean Somerset

Two Hard Strength Complexes from Wil Fleming

What’s Floating Around In Your Blood? by Tim Henriques

3 Questions for Better Workouts by Charles Staley

Big or Strong or Both by Sean Hyson

Why I Don’t Count Calories, But You Probably Should by Brad Pilon

Half-Kneeling J Band Y’s by Eric Cressey

Fix Your Kettlebell Clean by Jen Sinkler

College Baseball: Is Summer Ball Worth It? by Eric Cressey

Homemade Fruit and Nut Ball Recipe by Ashley Fleming

Screw Exercise Variation by Todd Bumgardner

Why Am I Hungry All the Time? by Adam Bornstein

5 Life Stressors That Are Affecting Your Training by the Martinez Brothers

Sexy Shoulder Function by Mike Robertson

Fixing Your Squat by Dean Somerset

Training the Farmer’s Walk by Matt Mills

5 Things the Average Athlete Program is Lacking by Matt Kozak

Managing the Training Process by Joe Giandonato

Portable Protein by Colin Richmond

Deadlift Troubleshooting by Steve Reed

Single Leg RDL from a Deadstop by Kelsey Reed

Mastering the Chin-up from Mike Samuels

Will the Real Tabata Please Stand Up? by Jon Erik Kawamoto

4 Sisters Take a Photo Every Year for 36 Years

Becoming a Supple Leopard Book Review


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And some pictures from yesterday 🙂

Getting fitter feels great 🙂
I and two of my machines- Krustyo and Georgi 🙂


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