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How is your week? Mine has been great. It’s Easter this Sunday and here in Bulgaria most people are on a vacation right now. But as usual, my week has been busy, because I rarely take the time to rest the way most people understand a rest. I love what I do, so my job is not a burden, but an entertainment. Actually it is the purpose of my life, so I enjoy what I do and I will rest just on Sunday, when I will go to a village, far away from the city, where I will get the chance to enjoy some time in the nature.

Meanwhile, thank you for all the messages you sent me. I really love what you share with me. I am blessed that such wonderful people like you are my readers! Thank you!

This week, I decided to answer the questions about which exercise strengthened my posterior chain the most, what fat burner would I recommend and am I going to eat sweets on Easter.

Hello, Ines!

From what I’ve seen on the videos and the pictures you post, you have a well developed, strong posterior chain. Besides the deadlifts, what else could I do in order to make my glutes and hamstrings stronger?

Great question! Sure that there are a bunch of exercises that you could do, in order to strengthen your posterior chain. HERE you can check out some ideas about different exercises. But the exercise that helped me the most, are the hip thrusters(read HERE). Everything I know about them, I’ve learned it from Bret Contreras(HERE). Tell you the truth since I started implementing them in my workouts on a daily basis, I’ve noticed a tremendous progress in my glute strength, I am setting PRs on most lower body movements, and besides that I’ve never had glutes as strong as they are now.

Back in the days pistols were just a dream for me, but my hamstrings and my glutes were way too weak. Since I started doing hip thrusters, I managed to improve fast and now I am able to do pistols. Besides that there isn’t another movement, which could make my hamstrings “burn” the way hip thrusts do it. I’ve noticed one more thing. On the days when I perform hip thrusts, I really feel my glutes working the whole day after my training session.

As you know, nowadays, people have the so called “dead butt syndrome”( read about it HERE), a.k.a. their glutes do not function properly, so I’d highly recommend everybody including this great exercise.

Even if you do not perform it with too heavy weights, just make sure you are doing it! What makes the difference between trainees is who does hip thrusters and who doesn’t! 😉

Here is what I learned to do now 😀

And here is one of my machines Krustyo Tyutyundzhiev, having fun on the kid’s playground.

Ines, in the past year, I gained about 20 pounds. I started working out and following a diet plan, but I’d love it if you could recommend me a supplement to help me lose weight faster.

Yes… this is one more of the questions, which have the potential to shoot me in the top 10 rankings of Forbes millionaires, if I got 5 cents for every time somebody asks me this.

I guess that the supplement you mean is supposed to be some kind of a fat burner. And if I say that fat burners do not help, that would be the ugliest lie. But truth is that you do not need them! Fat burners are a short term solution to a problem with long term consequences. Fat burners are just another lazy way to find excuses for your lack of a clear goal and the lack of persistence in its achievement.

Let’s say That you buy a fat burner and that you lose some more pounds, in a shorter period of time. What’s next? Right after you stop taking the fat burner and you keep on eating the crappy way you’ve been eating your whole life, everything will go back to the way it was.

I know I am already lame, BUT forget about “faster”. Think about LASTING! Never search for the solution, which will give you something faster. Search for what is gonna help you achieve your goals in the long term and then help you sustain that change.

Ines, are you really not gonna eat Easter cake and sweets?

Do not laugh! This is a question I get very often during the last couple weeks. It’s Easter this Sunday and obviously a lot of people are concerned about my nutrition, so I decided to answer everybody here. Yes, I will really skip the sweets. And not because I will sit aside, watch them drooling, thinking how much I’d love to take a bite, knowing I shouldn’t, but because I don’t need this food anymore. I do not feel the pleasure of eating it anymore and I have absolutely no interest in taking a bite of it.

In case you are interested what I am gonna eat, I will emphasize on lamb meat. I love lamb meat and it will definitely be the foundation of my Easter nutrition. Besides that you know my theory about food and entertainment. We live just once and I don’t intend on making the Easter goodies, the purpose of my life. Easter is a lot more than just the food on the table.

I will take advantage to go to my village and take long walks, along the shore of the river, spend some quality time with people I don’t get the chance to see every day, but people I really love. SO you better do the same!


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