Q&A: Everything about The Best Posterior Chain Exercise, Fat Burners and Am I Going to Eat Sweets on Easter?

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How is your week? Mine has been great. It’s Easter this Sunday and here in Bulgaria most people are on a vacation right now. But as usual, my week has been busy, because I rarely take the time to rest the way most people understand a rest. I love what I do, so my job is not a burden, but an entertainment. Actually it is the purpose of my life, so I enjoy what I do and I will rest just on Sunday, when I will go to a village, far away from the city, where I will get the chance to enjoy some time in the nature.

Meanwhile, thank you for all the messages you sent me. I really love what you share with me. I am blessed that such wonderful people like you are my readers! Thank you!

This week, I decided to answer the questions about which exercise strengthened my posterior chain the most, what fat burner would I recommend and am I going to eat sweets on Easter. (more…)

Crossfitter's Easter

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As I have said before I live in Bulgaria and we are christians! Today it is Easter! That’s why I decided to skip posting a recipe today and show you how I and my family spend the holiday! This is just part of the holiday preparation! Tomorrow I will post more pictures.

My sister even made a crossfitter egg for me! 🙂 It looks really cute! 🙂

Have a nice day! Eat healthy and move more! Next week, we will be back to the recipies! (more…)

How to Keep Eating Clean During the Weekend?

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You know that I am a bulgarian and I live in Bulgaria. We are christians so our Easter is this Sunday! That is why I am dedicating today’s post to everybod that is anticipating the holiday with the idea of eating as much as possible from all the treats that will be on the holiday table!

At this time of the year, most web sites race to suggest the best “strategy” to stay in shape during the holidays. You will read different things, from the absurd suggestions to starve and then stuff yourself, to carb rotations and so on. Unlike the others, I won’t suggest you complicated formulas you could follow until Easter and then eat everything, you see on the table!

What I am gonna do is (more…)

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