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How was your week? Hope you are doing great and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.  I am really excited to announce that my first FREE E-Book- 30 Exercises on Becoming a Wonder Woman is ready and you can download it HERE.

Then, find some time for my favorite reads of the week. Have a wonderful weekend.

First, the articles on InspiredFitSTrong for the past week, in case you’ve missed something:

Especially For Avocado Lovers: Everything You Need to Know About Avocados

The Proof That Women MUST Lift Weights

Life and The Slow Accumulation of Meaning

Raw Paleo Snickers

And now my favorite reads for the week:

Photo Essay: Chicago Skyscrapers

How to Handstand Better Than Luke Skywalker

Creative Food Art

6 Reasons Why Vegans and Doctors Are Wrong About Animal Protein

The Island Where People Forget to Die

Wish for Nothing

CrossFit Put To The Test, Comes Out On Top: Study

3 cleans, 3 different styles of movement

Kentucky Strong: Mental Barriers

Satisfy That Halloween Sweet Tooth

5 Running Tips for the Non-Runner (From a Non-Runner)

Strength Matters, You Big Sissy

Simple Steps to Stop Procrastinating About Your Fitness and Nutrition

Bulking Protocol – Part 2

Making Music: Why You Should Pick Up an Instrument and Start Playing

The Knees Out Finale

Front Squat

Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime

Why Diets Fail

One man’s journey to greater mobility (with pictures!)

5 Lessons Learned From AJ Roberts & Westside Barbell

Why We Chose Ghost to Take You Behind The Scenes at Envato

The Body and The Environment

Your Job Is to Find Beauty

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

Running Is a Cruel Mistress

Corn Is Not a Vegetable

Bulking Protocol Part 2

I Really Hate It When I Procrastinate

Physician Advocates Low Carb- High Fat Ketogenic Diet for Athletes

What’s The Best Way to Climb to The Top

Learn a Language in Three Months

Time Management

The Top 10 Fiction Books for Non Fiction Addicts

The 10 Best Charles Bukowski Quotes

Lessons in Bad Scienceh

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child about Food

These 20 Photos Are Going to Make You Cry

Food Combination

No Better Time to Smile

Finally Thin: Is Food Prison Worth It?

5 Bodyweight Ab Moves

Loneliness Illustrated So Beautifully

15 Things a Weightlifter Should Have in Mind

The 11 Differences Between Dating a Girl vs a Woman

Sweden Becomes The First Western Nation to Reject Low Fat Dogma

The King of Hamstring Exercises

Comfort Eating

Satisfying Low Carb Dinners

Best Training Advice Ever

A Higher Level of Productivity

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick and Fat

Business Mentorship and Muses

How Cereal Transformed American Culture

F*ck Diets

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself

SkinnyFit: CrossFit’s Other Dirty Little Secret

2013 CrossFit Games Review: An Analysis by Coach Michael FitzGerald

Does motivational self-talk improve performance? (Hint: yes)

Should You Use Scale Weight as a Measure of Success? Hint: No

Top 10 Paleo Party Rules

Why CrossFit Coaches Need Anatomy: Bones, Muscles, and Lifting

Carbohydrates: Let’s All Take A Breath

How Novice and Intermediate Runners Should Train For a Marathon

10 Things I Hate About You (At the Gym)

Women Running Into Trouble

Health Mistakes

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And one pic from yesterday 🙂

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Ines Subashka

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