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The coconut cake 🙂

If you’ve already given a chance to the high fat- low carb(HFLC) eating and you are already noticing the positive results, this means that you are one huge step closer to a fitter and healthier YOU. There is still one mistake, that especially women who follow a HFLC diet make.. Tell you the truth, when I started eating like this, I also made the same mistake, which cost me a disruption in the balance, I had temporary achieved.

And what is the mistake?

If you dared to eat more red meat, eggs with yolks and you are not being careful with the package of butter, while you decreased your carb consumption, probably you are already noticing the positive changes in your body and in the way you feel. So far, so good. But there comes a time, when you  lose yourself in the desire to achieve results faster and you decide that you will slowly start decreasing your calories. And how are you supposed to do it?

Well, why not substitute pork breasts for chicken?

Or instead of the bacon, eat just some olives?

Or remove some yolks and eat more egg whites…

No matter what thoughts from that sort are running through your mind, just erase them IMMEDIATELY!

If you fool yourself and start changing your nutrition in the way described above, you will soon feel the negative consequences from your rashness.

And what are they?

When we keep in mind that you’ve decreased your carb consumption, and now you are trying to decrease your fat intake as well, you are taking yourself back to the starting point! Your mind is occupied with thoughts about food, because you are not giving your body the fuel it needs- you are not eating neither enough fats, nor carbs.

Thus, your tiny calculations to decrease calories, in order to get results faster, actually comes really “expensive”, because you reach to a point where it seems as if you can’t control yourself.

You start thinking about food all the time and particularly about the food you’d want to eat the least- chocolate, cakes and other junk foods. And you are not just thinking about this kind of food. It actually feels like you have no will left and you are indulging in all kind of high carb foods.

You are once again spinning in an enchanted circle of dissatisfaction and indulging.

What happened with you? Everything was going so good…

Here is what! You forgot the most important- biology trumps willpower every time they meet! In other words, when you do not give your body the fuel it needs, it is just a matter of time for you to run out of your willpower, when your body takes control over your mind, and forces you to give it the energy it needs.

As there is a saying “ I am not so rich, to buy cheap products”, here we can transform it into another rule- I am not so fit, to allow myself low calorie foods! … if you get what I mean!

That’s why you should forget about your cheap calculations to decrease calories, by limiting fat intake.

Make your nutrition a lifestyle and be patient!

When you stop looking on your nutrition as a diet with deadline, you will notice that every week you wake up fitter and leaner, because of the better choices you make on a daily basis!

Thus, there will come a moment when you will look and feel just the way you want and you will realize that you’ve learned to eat and live, in a way to sustain this body in a long term aspect, without going on drastic, low calorie diets!

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