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Записването е успешно

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Did you really think I am starving? No way! 😉

Starving… probably this theme is already lame, but I still see a lot of people, starving themselves, when they are trying to lose weight.

When I say starving yourself, I am not talking about the so popular intermittent fasting. The difference between starving yourself and being an intermittent faster, where you alternate periods of not eating, with periods of eating, is huge! Intermittent fasting could help you reach your goals, it could become a lifestyle and it could make you feel better, and even though I don’t like it, I do not deny it!

What happens when somebody goes on a diet in order to lose weight:

1.The person drastically, decreases his food intake, by strictly tracking down every single calorie, which touches his plate in the form of food.

2.The person alternates long periods of scarce eating, followed by periods of binging and stuffing.

3.The person who is on a diet “forgets to eat” or “doesn’t have time to eat”.

I will start backwards. How the hell do you “forget” to eat or “you don’t have time to eat”? If somebody could explain me, exactly how he forgets to eat, I think he might be the next millionaire in Forb’s rankings, because nowadays people find it hard to ever stop eating. I am sure that they’d give their fortune, in order to learn how to “forget eating”, so if you’ve discovered the secret formula…please go ahead!

You don’t have time to eat… I wonder how I manage to make the time to eat 4 times a day! Seems like everybody is way too busy. Maybe I am too lazy and I am wasting my time… or maybe I am not looking for an excuse and I know that we all have 24 hours in a day and it is up to us how we are gonna use them!

If you cut some Facebook time, some time to make yourself prettier, some time to watch TV, some time to update your status, if you wake up 15 minutes earlier, if you do your job, without getting constantly distracted with some stuff, I guarantee you, that you will have plenty of time to eat!

Besides that more often than not diets look the same way- a period of starvation, followed by a period of binging. Do you really think that if you starve yourself for a week, you are gonna get used to the unpleasant feeling and you will manage to keep on living like this forever? I don’t know people like this. Usually your body is way smarter than you and after a period of starvation, you start feeling the irresistible desire to eat what’s in sight… as if you lose control. Thus all the previous starvation, goes to waste and you never manage to achieve your goals, plus you are spinning in an enchanted circle.

And not to mention, that I really can’t understand what is so fascinating about starving yourself and losing weight, when everything else in your life is more or less suffering- you don’t have enough strength neither for a lot of physical activity, nor your mind is in good condition.

No, thank you! I’d rather eat healthy, 3-4 times a day and achieve my goals, while still living my life to the fullest, without feeling exhausted and weak.

Personally I am not the kind of a fanatic follower of a particular nutrition plan. Yes, I have my own opinion and I am sharing it with you here on my blog, and in my point of view this is the best way to eat, but when somebody tells me that he is eating some rice and potatoes in his diet, but he doesn’t eat any processed crap anymore, I am not gonna reproach him! It doesn’t matter if he is eating some rice every now and then, when you keep in mind that he gave up on all the junk food and sugary soda. Respect to this person!

My opinion is that everybody should make the conscious effort to lead a healthier lifestyle! You should stay away from all diet trends, magic formulas for fast results and enchanted circles of losing weight and gaining it back.

I think that if you make the effort to follow a nutrition plan, that fits in your way of living and your preferences; a nutrition plan, that you could stick to, to the end of your life, and not one that you are eagerly gonna anticipate to get done with, sooner or later you will achieve your goal!

You should forget about showing your will for some period of time, and then when you are already sick of strict nutrition plans, gorge in food.

It’s better, if you are hungry to eat one more steak than initially planned, than starve a couple days and then binge in chocolate and pizza.

Did you catch yourself starving after you ate more than you initially planned? Or did you manage to turn healthy eating into a lifestyle? How did you achieve that balance?

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  1. Jacob

    There is definately a lot to learn about this issue.
    I like all of the points you made.

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