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It is the season for rest and vacations. Most people use this time of the year, to go out more often, to visit different places and engage in different activities, that they don’t have the opportunity to participate in on a daily basis. At first sight this is great, but besides the positives that the change in your daily lifestyle brings it brings a lot of negatives for those of you who are willing to eat healthy and stay in shape! Or at least that is what you are thinking!

The last couple days I hear people say stuff like “ I was eating so clean before my vacation, but now I am constantly outside of my house and I don’t know how to keep eating healthy.”; “When I am at home I always eat real food, but with this vacation, I and my friends eat out more often and it is hard to order good food in a restaurant.”

I do not know if I am the only person that thinks these excuses are LAME! If you want my opinion, the dinner in a restaurant could be even healthier than the food at home… as long as you are reading the menu with the desire to order some quality food, and not just to satisfy your brain and emotions!

A menu in a typical restaurant, offers a big variety of meat, vegetables, fish and so forth. I agree that there are a lot of meals, which contain all kinds of unhealthy dressings, fried foods and etc., but nobody is holding a gun pointed at your head, forcing you to order it! Nowadays restaurants have a pretty flexible politic and you could even order something that Is not on the menu, as long as you mention the ingredients.

When I go out for dinner or lunch in a restaurant I order something like:

-A big salad + more boiled eggs and olives. It is a great pick. I order 3-4 boiled eggs, some vegetables and you get to eat something healthy and something that will satisfy your hunger!

-meat with vegetables on the side. Yes, you are right! You do not need to order fries and ketchup with your steak. You could just order a different garnish.

I even happened to order just fried eggs. Who said that just because you are eating out, you are supposed to eat some funny, fancy meal? Even though when I eat out, I try to stick to the boiled eggs, instead of the fried eggs, because I do not trust the quality of the butter they use!

There are so many options. The other day I even ate pork liver with bacon. It was delicious and exactly up to my taste!

When you are just hanging out and you feel hungry, you do not need to rush to a fast food restaurant. Just visit the supermarket. There are a lot of options. I usually buy a cucumber, a bottle of water and something like baked pork meat or chicken meat and maybe some olives. Usually that won’t cost that much and it is enough for a good, healthy meal!

You could buy some raw nuts or a piece of fruit. It is still a healthy option, even though it may be far from optimal but it is still better than fast food, sandwiches, fries, croissants and so on.

I even happened to go to the supermarket and buy just a piece of bacon. I eat it and then I feel invincible! 😉

In conclusion I will tell you that you always have a healthy option, as long as you have the desire to eat healthy! Vacations, going out with friends, holidays… all that has nothing to do with the food you choose to eat! It is your choice!

If it doesn’t work for you, that means you haven’t made up your mind to change your lifestyle and you are trying really hard to come up with an excuse for your bad choices!

Do you let excuses creep in or are you determined to chase your goals, no matter the situation?

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