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Снимка: sodestroyit.blogspot.com
Image source: sodestroyit.blogspot.com

Your lifestyle- diet and workouts, shouldn’t have the mere goal of just looking better naked.

I look on appearance and fitness, as a concomitant attribute of health. When a person gives his body what it needs in order to be healthy and function properly, this will automatically lead to improved appearance.

It is a fact that quality food and physical activity are the foundation of good health. Exactly they are the factors that have the biggest influence on your appearance.

If you want to have a better looking, fitter body, then aim at improving your health! Not appearance as the main goal, but health as the main priority!

No matter how many different methods exist, when it comes to achieving a particular goal, all of them have something in common.

I think that that’s where most of us make a huge mistake- we always focus on the differences, and consider them to be a premise for success, instead of searching for the similarities and using them as a fundament/ a base, on top of which we could “build”, taking in consideration our own preferences and the transitory characteristic of the factors, that have a huge role on this stage of our life.

Often times people focus on the differences in different diets and turn them into the main focus of each discussion. When I say diet, I mean just a nutrition plan that has the potential to improve your health- in a long term aspect, and not those that are just robbing more nutrients, from your already deprived and exhausted body.

Truth is that the base of each healthy diet is built on a couple pillars. They are the foundation on which you could build a healthy, functional and harmonic body.

How would you react if I told you that there is a food, which you could eat and get the most out of it as nutrient composition? Something like one pill, that you take, but it contains everything you need.

Good news is that you don’t buy it from the pharmacy and you do not need to wait in long queues to buy it. Actually this precious food, is often neglected and most people consider it to be disgusting.

I am talking about liver.

If you take a look at a table, with the nutrient composition of black liver, you will realize that this is one of the most nutrition dense foods.

Снимка: www.reddit.com
Image source: www.reddit.com

Sometimes I wonder if life would be better and easier, if we paid more attention to nature and the living organisms, which are not overburdened by the contemporary technological development; overburdened with expectations and beliefs, which more often than not twist reality and take us off the right path, pushing us in a direction, where we run after something, that in reality does not exists.

If you’ve watched a scientific movie, probably you’ve noticed how, when a predator, catches his prey, the first thing that animals do is to tear the stomach and eat the intestines and organ meats. I assure you that they are not doing it out of having a superstitious ritual for the succession of eating the prey. Animals have a pretty good inborn instinct, that cues them, which is the most nutrition dense part of the prey and that what they need is hidden in the intestines and organ meats.

Look on organ meats, as TRUE vitamins. For example, black liver is something like your body’s bank- the place, where your body stores the excess protein, sugars, vitamins and minerals. This would mean that liver is the food we MUST have in our meals.

The only question that comes into consideration is the source of the liver, i.e. the health of the animal. We all know that foods, bought from the supermarket are not with a very good quality. But this is not an excuse. Nowadays, buying homemade products, and homegrown animals, is  pretty wide spread. There are organized markets, country villages, placed close to big towns, where you could shop for quality meat and eggs.

After all, most people give hundreds of dollars, in order to buy all kind of supplements and vitamins; order them from the other end of the world and wait for weeks, in order to purchase their order.

These vitamins do not contain even 1/3 of what real food could give you. You wait for weeks, for such an order, and just 30 minutes away from your town, there I a source of health, which you could get for less amount of money.

True health, leaves footprints in nature. Forget about popular magazines, and trendy diets. Observe nature, animals and study our history and our traditions. That’s the place where the key to our health is hidden, wiating for us to search it and use it.


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