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1.I am outside all day long and there isn’t any healthy food

This is my “favorite” excuse! Let me ask you… you can buy croissants, and put them in your bag; you can buy a sandwich and take it for later; you can buy pop tarts and take them with you… then what is stopping you from preparing good, quality food at home, and then storing it in Tupperware and taking it with you for later?

Every time, when I know that I am not gonna be home all day long and there isn’t a place, where I can buy good food, I prepare it at home!

I don’t get it, why you would be ok to take out of your bag a croissant or a sandwich, but you would be ashamed to take out a box full of stewed veggies and a delicious steak? The only difference is that the quality food is gonna make you feel full for longer, it will give your body what it needs, it will contribute to improving your health and not making it worse and besides that it will help you achieve your body composition goals!

That’s why since now I don’t ever wanna hear, how you really wish you could eat healthy, but there isn’t a place where you could buy such! Just prepare it at home! Food preparation is the key!

Приготвяйте си храната вкъщи! 🙂

2.Healthy eating is too expensive

This is the most lame excuse, that you could use!

The other day, while I was waiting in line in the supermarket, the kids from the school had a lunch break. There were a couple students, that were in front of me. All of them had bought some lunch. One of  them had Pop Tarts; Nestea and Bake Rolls; the other one had a sandwich, a coke and some kind of dessert. If you make the calculations you will find out that their lunch is more expensive than buying some raw meat and veggies, preparing them at home and then bringing them with you!

Besides that a healthier lunch, would keep you full for longer, than if you eat the junk mentioned above!

If you think that healthy eating, equals eating salmon, octopus’ tentacles and stuff like that, I know that this is gonna be expensive, but this is just a caprice, not a necessity!

Besides that healthy eating turns out to be cheaper and the reasons for this could be found here:

How Healthy Eating Saved Me Time and Money

3. You don’t have time to cook

Every time when I hear somebody making excuses how he/ she doesn’t have time, I start asking myself if I am slacking that much, when you keep in mind that I write articles for two websites, I coach people every day, I study at the University, I read countless books and blogs, I have time to work out and take long walks and besides that I have time to cook good food… or if other people are just trying to justify their laziness!

If you think that cooking is the equivalent of preparing some kind of a fancy meal, that would really take hours, then I get it why you think that healthy eating is mission impossible! But as I’ve said it before, healthy eating comes up to simple, real products- eggs, veggies, meat, fish, fruits.

Then, how would you have time to wait in line, in your lunch time, in order to buy fast food; you have 10 minutes to wait in the McDrive; but you don’t have time to put 10 eggs on the stove- and they don’t even require you to stay there! You just turn on the stove and during the next 10 minutes, you are free to do whatever you want, while the eggs are boiling!

You have time to go to the restaurant and wait for a salad, but you do not have 5 minutes to cut some veggies at home!

If you just say “I don’t have time”, it sounds authentic. But when you take out the facts, you will find out, that you are just making excuses!

A person who has goals and priorities, ALWAYS HAS ENOUGH TIME! Give it a thought! What about the other things you do? How do you always manage to find time to fit them in your schedule? If  healthy eating is something that you truly have set to be a goal, I am sure that you will find a solution for every “I can’t”; “It’s impossible”;”it doesn’t have time”. So in the future search for more solutions and less excuses! It is applicable for everything you do!

You will see how you will start achieving everything with ease and you will have time for more things, than you’ve ever imagined!

Do you eat healthy? Or do you have an “excuse” why you can’t?

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