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Обожавам есента :)))
I love autumn :)))

It was one of those autumn days, when the rain is pouring. Seemed like  it was the moment, when all the emotions of the summer was supposed to be washed away… and leave together with the season, just to make more space for the emotions which were coming from the future and waiting on the threshold of the present, in an anticipation for somebody to invite them, and then fully live them.

… and she was sitting in the middle of the room and if you were watching from the side, you could think that she was trying to be sympathetic to the weather outside… her feelings were rolling down her cheeks and pouring on the floor. Each emotion- tear by tear- was regenerating in her eyes and was rolling down  her long eyelashes, where it was present in her life for one last time, and then irretrievably fell in the precipice of the present, which was separating the past and the future.

There was something beautiful and rectifying in sadness. As if it extinguished the fire of the burning emotions of what has happened and created a new opportunity for life and continuation…

Because the past shouldn’t be waked up. Because you shouldn’t make a compromise with the past and you shouldn’t feed it with memories, which bring it back alive, set it on fire and give it power to walk through the present, to leave its ashy footprints and barge in the future, where it is mocking us and lying in wait for us, in order to implicate us in its chains and make us slavers o f the remains of the past.

Her soul was feeling the burden of the emotions and thoughts, which were coming over and just the sound of a thunder, which slit the silence, managed to bring back her presence.

She looked through the window and remembered how in order to understand life, you should understand the Nature. How you should seize it and find the laws, which bring harmony and order in it… and then use the same laws, in order to bring harmony and order in your own life and to create a meaning in your own existence.

She started thinking about the autumn- the season of abundance, which gives you the opportunity to gather the results of the efforts you made during the months before that. The season, when the feeling of satisfaction, is being bothered by the cold breeze, coming together with the winter. The moments when the days of pleasure from the results, are being shadowed by the shortened days; the sadness, which is silently stepping on its toes and sneaking in our days, hiding behind the back of the autumn storms.

Yesterday the path was clear and today the foggy days, make it hard to see around the corner. Suddenly you are feeling as if there is no path and as if beyond the fog, is hiding something unfamiliar, something that will attack you in the back and take your strength and energy away.

The winter is coming and it seems as if the world gets frozen. The streets become silent, cold and unpleasant. You feel as if with the fell of the winter, life took its last breath and now it’s all gone.

Snowy storms… snowflake after snowflake are piling on top, creating huge, impassable snow drafts, which become a limitation for the progress of the bravest among us…

…just like in life there are moments, when the negative thoughts, one by one, day after day are “piling up”, until finally the burden on our soul becomes so heavy that it materializes in problems, which seemingly have no solution.

If you haven’t lived enough and if you haven’t walked on the path of life, winter might seem as a dead end and a living captivity, where your body is slowly being robbed out of its strength, thirst for life and desire for progress…

But just if you haven’t lived enough…

Because otherwise you would know that the impassable snow drafts, bring for the feeling of superiority and greatness, until the moment the hot sun shines on them and quickly makes them melt, opening the path for all the wonderful things, which have been born beneath the snow and which slowly, but patiently made their way to the top during the winter days.

If you haven’t lived long enough and if you haven’t walked on the path of life, you could easily get fooled that the summer is eternal and that the feeling of hope and enthusiasm couldn’t go away. If you have fallen to believe in the never ending hot days, the coming of the autumn and the cold days, would froze your heart, your hopes and the beauty and it will leave you with the feeling of huge emptiness, born from the lack of something “secure”, which in reality was just temporary.

But just if you haven’t lived enough…

Because the seasons in nature are the seasons in life. Because neither one of the months during the year and neither one of the moments in life is eternal and there is time  for everything. And only if you get to clench in the passing season or the passing moment, you will be robbed out of the beauty and the charm of the present once.

Because each season in the nature and each moment in life gives opportunities- for a new beginning, for development, for maturity and then for an end… so it can make more space for something even more beautiful and more essential.

Because there aren’t bad seasons, just inappropriately dressed people.

Because there aren’t tragic moments, just unprepared people!

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