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It is the last day of the year. And what could be better, than spending this day, feeling at your best? What could be better than challenging yourself and greeting the New Year even more motivated and more passionate about your life and your goals.

Most people will probably spend the day, falling back to the bad old habits.

Most will fool themselves that they will just allow themselves to eat whatever they feel like today, and tomorrow, they will close the page of last year’s book and turn a new blank page, where they will get to write their new story- of a better, fitter, healthier self.

But come on! We all know that it never happens like that. Truth is that we have just today. Every choice we make will either enhance our personal growth or just reinforce our bad lifestyle habits.

I have a suggestion!

Start today by making one better choice. Start right from the morning. Chose to have a healthier breakfast, then go out for a walk or exercise. This will increase your sense of self-improvement and it will extend out to all areas of your life- relationships, career, creativity and everything you do.

Once you lay the healthy foundations of your body and mind, you will be able to build up the life of your dreams! Everything can be achieved from the position of health!

For me today is one more day of my life. Another opportunity that is given to me- to grow, to improve, to challenge myself, to go beyond your limitations and to conquer my mind, my beliefs and my life.

Let go of the crappy notion about living today eating bad foods and drinking massive amounts of alcohol. Why would you choose this for yourself? Just imagine the pity picture of a drunk person, who is sick of the massive amounts of food that he just ate. Doesn’t sound like fun, right? Then, why would you want it for yourself?

I have a suggestion. Instead of greeting the New Year as the person who is supposed to endure the consequences of his bad choices; instead of starting the first day of your new year as a beat up person; as a failure, do the opposite!

Give your best today. Surprise yourself with how consistent you can be with your good lifestyle habits, no matter the environment or the occasion. Eat good, move more, enjoy the last day of 2013. You know how the last page of a book is supposed to be touching, it’s supposed to be a masterpiece… that’s what I want from you- make your last day of 2013 your own masterpiece- the best day you’ve had. Instead of making the worst choices, make the best once.

Greet the New Year as a winner. Greet it as the person who has conquered his mind and as the person who has complete control over his life and its direction.

Because you are better than that! Because you deserve the best and it is up to you to choose it!

If you define the day, by the way your morning starts, then define the year by its first day! Wake up content by the choices you made the previous day and not feeling guilty about them!

Have  great time tonight! I am in heaven right now. Here are some pictures 🙂

My day <3
My day <3
my day <3
my day <3

Here is video of me doing a 2 minute plank with 25 kg.



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